*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!



A contribution fee is required due to the amount of work for the design, development, and testing of the devices (equivalent of a few cups of coffee).

The installation steps have been updated to reflect the fact that the installation can now proceed under the new SmartThings mobile app.

To download the SmartThings code, go to

Automation variables available for your scenarios

My Ecobee Device in Fahrenheit

My Ecobee Device in Celsius

My Ecobee Switch

My Remote Sensor

To whom it may concern,

This thread is about My Ecobee device, and it’s dedicated to the several hundreds of ecobee users (more than 3000 contributors and counting) who have been using it for their day to day HA interaction through SmartThings for more than 4 years now. I ask for a contribution as it took me a lot of hard work to create this reliable DTH (no disconnects)

To download the code, go to www.ecomatiqhomes.com/store

The code works with all ecobee models: the new SmartThermostat, Ecobee4, Ecobee Lite, Ecobee3, and the old Smart-SI & Smart-02**

New Releases

MyEcobeeDevice (v6.3.1) corrects some UI issues for automations/scenes under the new Samsung app

MyEcobeeInit (v.5.2) corrects some duplicate issues when renaming devices

MyEcobee device V6.2, MyEcobeeInit (v.5.0), MyEcobeeSwitch (v1.0.6): better global caching performances for locations with multiple tstats and switches

MyEcobee device V6.1: added the setTargetHumidityLevel custom capability & tile in the UI for controlling humidifiers/dehumidifiers connected to ecobee

MyEcobee device V6: new UI presentation with custom capability for ecobee programs and added capabilities (humidity, presence)

V5.9.9.z7, MyEcobeeInit (v4.2) New versions to fully support 2FA

V5.9.9.z New version to correct some minor icon issues following the release of the latest version of iOS/Android ST Classic app

New version (v5.9.9x.9) with minor corrections to ST platform issues

New version (v5.9.9x.8) with better resiliency on short ST/ecobee outages

New version (v5.9.9t) with improved replay logic to play “failed” commands due to ecobee or ST outages

New version (v5.9.9s) with new replay logic to play “failed” commands due to ecobee or ST outages over a hour

New version (v5.9.9y) with Summary Voice Reports

The code has been designed to work with an ecosystem of smartapps acting as “micro services”. The design is NOT a big monolytic application which limits its evolutivity and maintenance.

The code unlocks all ecobee’s rich APIs features, and more (see below with the new tips features). It’s the best of both worlds: ecobee and SmartThings working together for more comfort and energy savings at your home!

Related “complimentary” smartapps at my github (see all use cases supported below):

I’ve developed more than 15k lines of code for the ecobee thermostats under ST. It’s the most comprehensive ecobee implementation. There is no other thermostat device that offers this kind of capabilities under SmartThings (compared to Nest, Honeywell Lyric or any other smart thermostats).

See all the use cases in the text below.

Benefits of My Ecobee device vs. ST ecobee stock device or other thermostats:

  • My ecobee Device is far better than any dumb z-wave or zigbee (and even a Nest or Honewell Lyric) thermostat when connected to ST as it does not need to be scheduled by ST. Contrary to other thermostats connected to ST, My Ecobee device and my smartapps can work in conjunction with SmartThings and ecobee as the code exposes the ecobee’s own scheduling for HA (something the ST stock device doesn’t do). For any other thermostats, ST needs to take over their scheduling when connected to the home automation platform and this is sometimes unreliable. You don’t want to wake up cold or too hot in the middle of the night because of some ST scheduling issues!

    For more details about the benefits of ecobee vs. other connected thermostats, refer to


  • No more SmartThings-ecobee disconnect issues: With my code & my support packages, you’ll no longer experience any ecobee disconnect issues (unless the ecobee or smartthings servers are down). The disconnect issues have been solved for quite a while now. Some of my contributors run the code with more than 5 ecobee thermostats and 8 remote sensors at one location without any issues fore more than a year.

  • Its unique design is based on a minimum number of state & atomicState variables. My Ecobee device and its Service Manager use less than 10 state & atomicState variables for more resilience versus some ST platform issues. For more details about loss of state variables and its impact, refer to the following thread:

  • It now uses the latest async http requests to avoid timeouts as much as possible.

  • The code has been stable for more than a year now with minor updates from time to time.

  • All ST thermostat capabilities are exposed for easier integration with Rule Engines (SmartRules, Core or others)

  • My Ecobee device takes full advantage of the ecobee features, and does not create temporary holds for no reason. You can leverage my ecosystem of smartapps which was mostly built upon the following principle: ecobee is responsible for the scheduling (as it’s more reliable than ST) and SmartThings manages any exceptions to your regular schedules (ex. you’re away when you are usually at home, or back home when you’re usually away).

- New “features”:

The new upgrade (V5) brings the following features:

A- Simplified UI to allow better Android support.

There is a high number of UI issues with the ST UI for Android, especially since Android 2.1. There are some significant UI gaps between the 2 OS: Android and iOS.

B- The smartest Thermostat under SmartThings with “tips” feature.


With the v5.0, My ecobee device will be able to give you “energy savings and comfort tips” based on actual indoor/outdoor conditions at your home.

The following indoor/outdoor metrics will be processed by My Ecobee’s heuristic rule engine to provide “comfort and energy saving tips”:

  • current Indoor Humidity
  • current Indoor Temperature
  • current OutdoorTemperature
  • Ideal target Indoor Humidity calculated based on outdoor temp
  • average of Indoor Temperature over a given period of time (ex.weekly)
  • average outdoor temperature in the period
  • standard deviation of Indoor Temperature in the period
  • standard deviation of Outdoor Temperature in the period
  • count of Away commands sent to thermostat
  • count of Sleep commands sent to thermostat
  • count of Hold commands sent to thermostat
  • minimum temp at remote sensors temp collected over a period
  • maximum temp at remote sensors collected over a period
  • average temp at remote sensors collected over a period
  • daily Cooling Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
    (if you have a multi-stage cooling system)
  • daily Heating Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
    (if you have a multi-stage heating system)
  • yesterday’s Cooling Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • yesterday’s Heating Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • average Weekly Cooling Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • average Weekly Heating Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • average Monthly Cooling Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • average Monthly Heating Runtime globally and for each stage of your HVAC
  • fan Runtime
  • hasDehumidifier (ecobee connected to a dehumidifier or not)
  • hasHumidifier
  • hasHrv or hasErv
  • specific ecobee parameters related to 2-3 stage cooling/heating systems.

C- Unique integration with Ask Alexa (developed by Michael Struck), tstat commands can be sent and tips can be given by interacting with Alexa/Amazon echo.

See this thread for more details about Ask Alexa:

See the Ask Alexa documentation about the verbal commands available:


Please contact me at services@maisonsecomatiq.com for any questions related to MyEcobee device and its integration with smart vents and any ST connected temp & motion sensors to create heating/cooling zoned solutions…

As a reminder, with my Ecobee device (which is feature complete) and smartapps, you can do the following:

1) Setting your thermostat to Away or Home based on ST hello (location) modes

See the ecobeeChangeMode smartapp.

2) Resuming your program/climate when you’re back home

See the ecobeeResumeProg smartapp.

3) Setting your thermostat to vacation mode

See the ecobeeManageVacation smartapp.

4) Setting your ecobee climate/program at a given time

See the ecobeeSetClimate smartapp.

5) Monitoring and setting your indoor humidity level using your humidifer/dehumidifer/HRV/ERV (when connected to ecobee)

It also allows you to use the ecobee’s free cooling feature…

See the MonitorAndSetEcobeeHumidity smartapp and this thread for more details:

6) Monitoring and setting your setpoints based on any ST connected indoor temp/motion sensors (similar to ecobee3’s follow me feature) & outdoor temperature

See the MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp smartapp., and this thread for more details:

7) Exposing your ecobee’s remote sensors to SmartThings for HA scenarios

See the ecobeeRemoteSensorInit smartapp.

8) Enabling zoned heating/cooling at your home & Controlling your smart vents based on your indoor temp/motion/contact/presence sensors in conjunction with your thermostat’s programs & setpoints

See the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp

9) Controlling your minimum fan time per hour during a climate/schedule run

See the ecobeeSetFanMinOnTime smartapp

10) Generating some ecobee HVAC stats on a daily basis and sending them to groveStreams for data analytics

See the following smartapps: ecobeeGenerateStats & groveStreams smartapps

11) Turning off your thermostat(s) when Window or Door contacts are open and restoring your thermostat mode when they are closed

See the WindowOrDoorOpen! smartapp.

12) Trigger to turn on/off or flash some switch(es) and/or execute hello phrases (routines) based on MyEcobee’s thermostatOperatingState

See the ecobeeStateTriggerHA smartapp.

P.S. If you want to execute the switch or routine trigger in (quasi) real-time, you’d need to poll
MyEcobee device every minute or so using pollster or a smart rule engine like CoRE/WebCoRE.

13) Changing the backlighting settings

See the ecobeeSetBacklight smartapp.

14) Set the audio volume on the ecobee4 & Smart thermostat

See the ecobeeUpdateAudio smartapp.

15) And many more features, you may want to consult the wiki for more details



**- MyEcobee device’s code is fully functional and available now at my store. **

- All my smartapps (which only work with MyEcobee device and represent several hundred of hours of development work and testing) are either available for free (for your own usage only) at my github:

You can also find the smartapps under the SmartThingsPublic github repo. If you have the github integration, you just need to select the ecobee apps that you need when you “Update from Repo” (yracine is at the end of the “New - only from github” list).

GitHub Settings:

Owner: yracine
Name: SmartThingsPublic
Branch: master


for a modest contribution at my store.

**www.ecomatiqhomes.com/store **

  • Thnx to Jonathan H. and Brad S. during beta
  • Thnx to M.Struck for his Ask Alexa support and documentation during this process.





Today, I sent the new code (My ecobee device v5.0) to all my contributors.

  • The new ecobeeGetTips smartapp is now also available at my github.

  • Also, the stats smartapps that allow the daily/weekly/monthly stats generation required for trend analysis are available at the github.

  • You can also find the smartapps under the SmartThingsPublic github repo. If you have the github integration, you just need to select the ecobee apps that you need when you “Update from Repo” (yracine is at the end of the “New - only from github” list).

GitHub Settings:

Owner: yracine
Name: SmartThingsPublic
Branch: master

  • For more details about the new ecobeeGetTips smartapp, please refer to the ST community wiki:


  • You can download the new My Ecobee device (v5.0) at my store:



I’ve removed the old and input the new. Installed all the tips and Stats smart Apps.

I am missing something? not functionally just in wrapping my head around it. What are the stats used for and where / when are they presented to me? I’m sure it’s in there somewhere and possibly cause it’s late I am missing it.
Are they used with the Ask Alexa Smart App? or is that also something totally different and not connected to the stats only the tips?

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Please refer to the ST community wiki about how to get tips from My Ecobee device


To answer your specific questions:

  • The daily/weekly/monthly stats are used to get more pertinent tips for your location
  • When applicable, the stats will be used to generate some tips based on some trend analysis, example: the outdoor temperature has been constant, but yet your daily runtime stats( A/C, Furnance, 1-2 staging components) have increased compared to the day before’s runtime stats or your weekly runtime stats or your monthly runtime stats.
  • If the outdoor temperature has not been constant in the period (based on some standard derivation formula), of course, the stats will not be relevant for generating tips at your location.
  • The tips can be generated through the ecobeeGetTips smartapp or by interacting with Ask Alexa with the “give tip” or “play tip” verbal commands.

N.B. You’d need to update your list of operators, params, and utterances to be able to use the new verbal “tips” commands in Ask Alexa. Please refer to the link below for more details on how to update Ask Alexa (v2.1.3a and higher is required):

There is also a specific section about My Ecobee “tips” commands available under the ST community wiki.


P.S. The main idea is to get relevant tips for your location at a given time based on indoor/outdoor metrics and observations. If you do not have tips at a specific moment, try again later when indoor/outdoor conditions have changed.



I updated the docs for Ask Alexa as well to point to the wiki for the tips…

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FYI, the runtime stats can be sent to groveStream for even more data analytics so that you can plot them against other factors at your home.

As an example:


The smartapps to be used are:

  • ecobeeGenerateStats
  • groveStreams

which are available at my github.

You can also find the smartapps under the SmartThingsPublic github repo. If you have the github integration, you just need to select the ecobee apps that you need when you “Update from Repo” (yracine is at the end of the “New - only from github” list).

GitHub Settings:

Owner: yracine
Name: SmartThingsPublic
Branch: master

P.S. All my smartapps work only with My Ecobee device, the most comprehensive ecobee implementation under SmartThings and available for a modest contribution at my store:




Today, I made some changes to the following stats smartapps for My Ecobee device:

  • ecobeeGenerateStats (daily)
  • ecobeeGenerateWeeklyStats
  • ecobeeGenerateMonthlyStats

So, that ST users can choose if they want to be notified via Ask Alexa messages about their HVAC components’ runtime stats (A/C, Furnace, Fan, Dehumidifier/Humidifier/HRV/ERV/Ventilator if connected to ecobee).

  • To enable verbal notifications, ST users need to set the askAlexaFlag to true in the smartapps.

The new versions of the smartapps are located under:

You can also find the smartapps under the SmartThingsPublic github repo. If you have the github integration, you just need to select the ecobee apps that you need when you “Update from Repo” (yracine is at the end of the “New - only from github” list).

GitHub Settings:

Owner: yracine
Name: SmartThingsPublic
Branch: master


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Yves is on top of it and maintains the software. It works very well and my ecobee’s auto adjust when I home/not home, and are fully adjustable via Smartthings! I have been using this for over a year now and have been very happy.

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Thnx @asrusch for the positive feedback…It’s very much appreciated.

Yves updates very often and his device has proven to be much more useful and robust than the default ecobee device. No comparison. Highly recommend.

@jrhaze, thnx James for your feedback…

Yves constantly updates his smart app to make sure it functions at the highest level. Thanks for all your hard work. For Ecobee users this is a must have!

@Live2drive15, thnx for the feedback, it’s appreciated!

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I’ve been using this app for about 6 months. I had a few questions initially and Yves was so quick to respond and address my questions/concerns. GREAT support and I like the app.

Thnx @RoyT!!

Kudos to Yves for developing a great application, easy to use interface and for his dedication to continue the enhancements and improvements to his application. The 5.0 release included a great UI and icon enhancements, improving the look and feel of the interface.
As stated by others in this thread, this is the must have app for your SmartThings / Ecobee integration.

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Thnx EricJ for your kind words…

Hi all. I have some quick questions for clarification:

GITHUB Integration
As I understand it, the steps to enable github integration are as follows?

  1. Go to My Smartapps in the API/IDE: https://graph.api.smartthings.com/ide/apps
  2. In “settings” at the top right, add yracine, SmartThingsPublic, master.
  3. Go to each SmartApp I have already downloaded, edit settings for it.
  4. Go to “Source Options”
  5. Select SmartThingsPublic and “Update.”

And at that point, all I have to do is go back to the MySmart Apps page and click “update from repo” ?

Generate Stats
I’m a little confused on how the generateXXXXstats apps work. I have them automating now. Where do these stats go when they are generated - I was kind of expecting them to land in the Ecobee Device “right now” tiles automatically, or to have a view there somewhere, but I don’t see them anywhere.

I also don’t see them show up in the “generate stats” smartApps that are running/automating currently, it just lets me edit settings there, but nowhere that I can see are the actual results available?

Thanks for the advice here, great apps as always, and much more stable than last year’s versions thanks to the SmartThings improvements since then.



  1. Yes, if you need more help on the github integration, just refer to
  1. Refer to my previous post about the stats generation smartapps:

To get tips, you need to use Ask Alexa or the ecobeeGetTips smartapp:



EDIT: You can see the stats produced under


And, by clicking on My Ecobee device, the stats attributes are (for example):

auxHeat1RuntimeDaily: 0.0 - Furnace stage 1
compCool1RuntimeDaily: 321.5 - A/C stage 1
fanRuntimeDaily: 767.0
auxHeat1RuntimeYesterday: 0.0
compCool1RuntimeYesterday: 281.75
auxHeat1RuntimeAvgWeekly: 0.0
compCool1RuntimeAvgWeekly: 152.86
auxHeat1RuntimeAvgMonthly: 0.0
compCool1RuntimeAvgMonthly: 295.78

If you have a 2-3 stage furnace, then there will be additonnal auxHeat stats generated.
The runtime stats are in minutes.

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ok, thanks… so I need to run the getTips app to use the stats in order to generate tips - that works on my end, thanks.

In regards to github, after I add your REPO as you specify, and set the github according to my process above, I see no color changes, so my guess is that it failed. Looking at the link FAQ there it doesn’t shed much more light on it.

Thanks again.