Ecobee/SmartThings Integration issue

Hi all
I have an ecobee4 and smartthings. I had them integrated just fine. I had some sort of issue with house wifi and the ecobee got disconnected from the wifi. After i did a factory reset of ecobee, it started to work again but I had to reprogram it. Now, the smartthings app stopped being able to control the ecobee4. I removed the device on the app. Now when I try to re-add, it shows up in the app as “null”.

Steps I am following:

  1. Marketplace
  2. Thermostats
  3. Ecobee4 smart thermostat
  4. When I go to “select your thermostat” there is something there with a long serial number. I press that and it says “no available options” on my screen. I hit “done”
  5. I then hit “save”
  6. I go to my home and look at my things and it comes up as “null”. The background behind the thermostat is gray and does not show a temperature or options for settings.

Any thoughts?

Hi, You should use My Ecobee device which doesn’t experience disconnect issues…

I ask for a small contribution due the amount of design, coding, and testing involved (more than 3 years of work).

This custom ecobee-SmartThings integration brings also much more features than the ST stock device or any other integration… See my thread below:

There is also an excellent free version you can find below that offers much better resiliency than the stock DTH.

My guess is that some kind of child artifact was left over in SmartThings. You may need to access your IDE at to remove it under ‘Devices’

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I am not sure if you looked here yet:

Take a look in your smart apps for ecobee (connect). You may have to reconfigure it or even delete and go through the reinstall from the link above since you did a factory reset on the ecobee.

Also, either option to the stock ecobee integration are a viable option too.

I have your Ecobee solution that I bought today after reading about it for a while. I managed to get it installed, and everything seems to be working. I like the more granular features, and access to more settings and values from the thermostat.

I am using this with WebCore and would like to know if instead of setting cooling and heating set points, can I shift the range while the thermostat is set to auto? This would hopefully be similar to how the Ecobee Alexa skill shifts it when you say “alexa: increase by degrees”

As a side note, some constructive criticism (since I just downloaded and installed this today): The documentation was very difficult to understand and follow. It is very technical, and assumes a detailed understanding of many technical terms and procedures (which I don’t have). Also, many of the links seems circular, and I got lost very quickly trying to click on them.

There were some sections that had a step by step approach which I thought was great, and I could follow those well. While I did get this installed and working, I still don’t know what a shard is, and I tried to follow the instructions about finding it (in step e), and I couldn’t figure out what you were explaining, I think it could be a bit more clear for someone as myself who has limited experience with the more technical things in Smartthings. That being said, now that it’s installed, I like the added features! Thanks for building this!