New app — which CUSTOM DTH’s will work?

Thanks, but I have a developer account and have searched, but haven’t located a place to sign up for a newsletter, which I would love to see. Not sure what I’m doing wrong, but no luck do far.

I am really sorry but I cannot find it neither.

This is what the email says at the bottom.

Connect with #SmartThingsDev

You are receiving this email because you attended our events, answered our survey, entered a raffle, or opted into our program.

Thanks for trying. Appreciate it!

The best I could find is the generic blob links:

The newsletter is a mystery to me too.

Something I did notice today is that when you just ‘update’ a device in the IDE, it runs its installed() and configure() methods (if you have the Configuration capability). If you actually change something before updating, the updated() method is run too. That seems to correspond with metadata changes becoming visible to the mobile app. So rather than mess around changing the device handler away and back again, just changing the device name might suffice.

That said I can’t get the app to refresh reliably and even if it does I don’t know what it is displaying. It would be useful if the device ‘information’ page said what profiles / plugins / guesswork it was using.

I’m actually trying to use an organisation device profile. I’m not even sure if I am spitting in the wind or if it is sort of working.

Update: I have now received version 1.7.44-21 of the Android app, and I am finding that if make a change to the device in the IDE and then update it, the app picks up any metadata without any need for clearing of caches or forced closures. However what it doesn’t do, in my case, is immediately detect changes to the device profile I am using. Those changes seem do seem to work through eventually. On the other hand maybe I am misinterpreting what I am seeing.

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maybe @erickv knows how to get signed up for the SmartThings Developer Newsletter?

is there a vid for a presence sensor with button?

Edit, nevermind. It’s undocumented but it’s generic-arrival-4

So much for the vid selector tool

interesting. You happen to find one with presence and switch?

Yes. I’m rewriting NST manager presence and hopefully weather to display correctly in the new app.

I understand your idea, but will that work when you try to re-connect your rewritten stuff? -I mean the Nest authentication.

I’m already connected, I just edit the DTH. I already got them mostly working

You just can’t remove nst manager. But you can turn off one or two devices from within it.

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So which vid has presence and switch?

generic-arrival-3 and generic-arrival-4

But 3 gave me the wrong icon, so I used 4

You can see the NST manager thread for my updated DTH but no guarantees it will work for you because I can’t test it anymore.

Interestingly some DTH like Virtual Presence Plus display correctly without any vid setting at all…

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Hello, @Automated_House

Here’s the link to sign up for the SmartThings newsletter.

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There you go @mellit7 Apparently it’s on the old dev site.

@erickv should this newsletter signup also be available on the new dev site?

Thanks for tracking this down!


I’m not sure that’s the right thread for my question, but appreciate guidance.

I have v1 hub with over 130 devices (some on standard and many with custom DTH) and im still on Classic app.

When I have a look at the New app, only like a handful of devices show up, and then a list of “Unknown” devices and probably others that are not there at all as the total is way less than 130. That said, when I look at smart apps or scenes, they show properly.

I have no intention to immediately start migration as it sounds its going to be such a complex process given the starting point and for now I’m good with Classic App

What I need is some guidance on the starting point for migration . How to process, particularly for devices with custom DTH. Any process to read ?


Check out our new tools for working with devices that make use of custom capabilities.

The VID selector doesn’t mention generic-{4,6,8}-button.

zwave-multi-button.groovy uses ‘generic-4-button’ and ‘generic-6-button’.

I tried to add support for an 8 button device as ‘generic-8-button’. It fails badly in the new app (displays way too many options and one too many buttons, and crashes trying to set them). It displays all the correct options/buttons in the classic app.

Here are some DTHs that have been migrated to the new custom capabilities and new UI presentation.

My Ecobee devices (tstat, switch)

My Next devices (Tstats, Protects, Sensors)

My Flair Devices (Pucks, Vents, HvacUnits, Tstats)