Alert if temp diff on 2 Ecobee sensors > 5 degrees?

I have an two Ecobees and 6 external temp sensors. Anyone know of an app or routine to send an alert if the temperature difference is greater than XYZ degrees? Let’s say my upstairs stat is tied to a bedroom sensor. If the system detects 67 degrees in the bedroom, but 60 degrees at the stat - odds are, someone left a door or window open.

There are some apps that monitor for to cold or to warm but differences between sensor i am not sure… Have you check with the Ecobeee Suite smart app to see if it can do it.

You may be able to simply use the Its to cold or Its to warm apps to accomplish what you are thinking though. Ecobee suite does have an option as well to monitor sensors and then do actions based on them being open for a period of time. I have that setup and what it does is send me notification if a window is open for more then 3 min and turns off the HVAC. After the sensor is closed it will then turn the HVAC back on. Works great for days where we want to let the house air out and get some fresh air.

Core/webcore can do this

Are those ecobee brand sensors or sensors connected to smartthings?

Ecobee. I am “still” waiting on my three Switch+ to active the temp sensor. But for now six ecobee “pucks”. But also connected to ST

OK, talk to the people in the following thread:

The smartapp ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule can do this and much more and you can use any ST connected temp sensor (not only the proprietary ecobee sensors which have limitations for motion) based on the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules:

P.S. ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule works only with MyEcobee device, the most resilient & smartest ecobee implementation under SmartThings.

Thanks for the reminder. I purchased MyEcobee way back… I’ll need to revisit your solutions again. I’m sure they are dramatically more impressive these days.

Sure, and you can use your original sellfy download link to get the new version (v5.9.9.x.6).

The ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp is available at my store.


P.S. You may also trigger some fan switch(es) for better hot/cool air circulation when the temp differential is too big between zones.