Using ST multisensor to control Ecobee3

I have 4 multisensors, 1 on each of 4 doors. I’d like to create an automation to either change the set temperature to a high setting ( in effect to shut down the air conditioner) or to actually shut the A/C off after any one of the four doors are left open for a set amount of time and to resume normal A/C function when all doors are closed . The ST app will not allow me to save the delay time for when any one of the doors open. I enter it and save , but it reverts to an immediate shutdown. I’ve created 2 automations- if any door is open for a minute, then change temp to 80 the second automation- if all doors are closed set temp to 74. The first automation runs as soon as a door opens, the second doesn’t always run. Any suggestions?

@yvesracine has developed the most powerful Ecobee DTH and utilities and can chime in as to how it could meet your desired functionality…

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Hi, if you have My ecobee Device, you can use one of my complimentary smartapps at my github which will achieve this use case and more.

  • the smartapp is called WindowOrDoorOpen and it can set your thermostat(s) to away or turn it off (not recommended for locations where a ST outage could cause mold b/c of high humidity).

  • You can specify the number and frequency of notifications (for your open contacts) and if you want you can also add verbal notifications with your ST connected speakers.

My Ecobee device has many other features, see my thread under:

See my github at:

You can download My ecobee Device at my store:

My Ecobee Suite also includes the functionality you describe, via the included Contacts & Switches Helper SmartApp… You can learn more about it here:

And there is extensive documentation here:

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