Ecobee Integration

Hi i recently bought Yves Ecobee bundle in hopes of being able to zone my home and allow certain rooms to be able to turn on the unit based on what temperature is being requested at the virtual thermostat that has been created for the room, unfortunately i haven’t been able to and im hoping one of the other users may be able to shed some light on their findings, thanks in advance for the help.

If you paid for his apps then he should be able to provide support. @yvesracine

yes i did and i sent an email requesting support but have heard nothing back so i taught maybe the community can provide some guidance since there maybe other using the same suite i bought. thanks i will try to contact him again.

You should post here, I have an Ecobee and I have been monitoring this thread and the developer is pretty active and answers most peoples questions really fast, from what I have seen.

thanks for the heads up will do.

Hi Fareed,
I’ve already responded to your email (which was sent 25 min ago).

Please use emails as it’s easier for me to follow your issues through gmail conversation.

In brief, I’ve sent you the pre-requisites and installation steps to be followed. If you have any other issues, you’d need to send me (by email) some logs, as you may have hit some specific issues under your ST account.

The installation steps have been tested and used by thousands of ecobee users under ST…


Thanks Yves I will go back through the setup.

Hi again,

Logs can be extracted from the IDE if you have any other issues. Please send them to me via emails.

Refer to:


Hi Yves,

Still trying to get my settings right, on another note I know you offered a code for a discount of the keen vents do you still have that code? Thanks.

The only sales discount is the following for the moment:





BTW, I offer my consulting services at my store if you need some configuration help.

I have also some support packages if you have many technical questions and you don’t find answers in the wiki.

Thanks I will definitely keep that in mind, I have installed the 3 mode directors to match my Ecobee modes, the Ecobee sensor app, the Ecobee init and the Ecobee set zone with schedule, does that sound about right? Thanks.

Yes, it does