NEW Ecobee Thermostat released, but is it worth the price tag?

New Ecobee with glass and improved wi-fi.

Pioneered to Perfection: Introducing The New ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control

The new Alexa features are nice. And the Spotify integration makes sense now that you can connect to a Bluetooth speaker.

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I cannot imagine that the speaker in this thing is something you’d like to listen Spotify on :slight_smile: But for the new Alexa features, that may work for announcements and intercom like exchanges.

no, definitely not. its good enough for Alexa’s voice , announcements, etc. but not for music. Granted, if you have a bluetooth speaker paired to it, then everything will play through the bluetooth speaker and nothing plays on the internal speaker.

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So Bluetooth radio and new face glass…only difference? :zzz:

And more Alexa features.

so… already having too many Echo devices, it does not sound like a worthwhile upgrade for my 2 ecobee3 thermostats… or am I missing a super feature? I relegated all non media crunching devices to 2.4GHz anyway so even 5GHz is not compellingly (at least now).


probably not at this point. Unless they plan on adding other new features to it. There’s rumors of a camera and contact sensor coming. For some reason if they require this model as a hub, that may lead some people to upgrade.

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Oh, hell yeah, I didn’t even think that prior version didn’t support 5GHZ. I turned my 2.4 off. I am glad I waited for it. C’mon Ecobee, make my day, so I can put my Nest on Ebay! :smile:

Here are the 1st reviews of the new Ecobee SmartThermostat

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Why didn’t they put a face clock on it??? My family is going to hate me for taking their clocks down when I remove the Nests LOL

buy this with the money from selling your Nests :slight_smile:

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I didn’t update from the 3 because Alexa without intercom functionality (drop-in) was useless to me on a thermostat. If this one has it, and it seems like it does, I’d seriously consider upgrading.

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Here is a comparison between all ecobee thermostat including the SmartThermsotat.

No thanks, I have one and really dislike it :smile:

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…but I have a switch nearby both thermostats, sooo… if my family complains too much about missing the clocks, then I guess I will have to buy 2 brilliant switches LOL … good reason, no?!?

I’m convinced!

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Got one… now have to try and sell the old ecobee 4 to get some $$ back.

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And still requires a common wire. The Nest’s use of battery is such an advantage for homes that don’t have the needed wiring. Can’t understand why Ecobee would limit themselves like that.

They include a wiring harness for systems without a common wire.