Ecobee3 & Wemo Switch Automation?

Looking to create what seems to be a simple automation between Ecobee3 & Wemo Switch. What I would like to do is when the Wemo Switch powers on it kicks on my Furnance motor and when then Wemo switch powers off it powers off my furnance motor. I have a woodstove that the blower motor plugs into the Wemo Switch and would like to use my Propane furnance fun to help circulate that heat. When attempting to create an automation you are limited on controlling fan mode on the Ecobee and doesn’t provide the option.

A few resources state that @yvesracine may be able to help. Any help is greatly appreciate.

Thank you very much

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Hi @walkerj001,

  1. What kind of automation are you using now? Core or something else?

  2. “When attempting to create an automation you are limited on controlling fan mode on the Ecobee and doesn’t provide the option.”, I don’t understand what you mean… Do you want to use fanCirculate method? If so, the method does not really exist on Ecobee, you need to use the fanMinOnTime parameter.

If you’re using the stock ST ecobee device, neither fanCirculate or fanMinOnTime are accessible… My Ecobee device allows you to access those features…


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I was using the IF app that is seperate from Smartthings , but the Smartthings app and the IF app does integrate with each other.

I just purchased the smartthings hub last night and was hoping it would give me more control of my ecobee3 and my remote sensors (I have 3 total).

The reciept in the IF app I was trying create was "IF Wemo Switch is powered on then Ecobee fan would be set to “On” or “FanCirculate” Then "IF Wemo switch is powered off then Ecobee fan would be set back to “Auto” or “Off”.

I purchased Smartthings Hub yesterday because I know you can also do Automation inside the smartthings app. I have the stock inteface and justed added the ecobee3 to my home page. I am not sure what is possible with Smartthings , but if I can integrate the Wemo and Ecobee3 Fan Mode , thats what I am looking to do. I don’t mind purchasing your inteface if needed.

I am new to this so your help is greatly appreciate.

Thank you.

Ok , thank you very much!

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As I wrote in my earlier post, fanCirculate is not possible on the ST Stock device.

You can use the fanOn() and fanAuto() /fanOff() to do basically the same. Some people are using Core (Rules engine) to create those automations. You can also code a simple smartapp to do the same.


For more details on My Ecobee device and its configuration, refer to