Ecobee away mode option gone

Not sure when it happened but I used to set the Ecobee to away mode with Webcore when smartthings was in away mode then resume program when returning home. Sometime in the last month that has stopped working. I tried different device handers and reinstalling the integration. Would love to do this with a Smartthings Automation but can only set it to off then auto. I could adjust temp setpoints but no option to resume program. Anyone else having this issue?

If you want to have access to the ecobee standard climates (away, home, sleep) via automations, you’d need the following custom DTH:

I’ve got the same problem with a new install using the Ecobee-Suite from @storageanarchy . I’m trying to setup an automation so that when SmartThings is set to Away, all my thermostats also are set to Away. However, the only properties that are listed as options to change in the thermostat are Heat temp, Cool temp, Mode (i.e. heat, cool, off), and Fan mode. The Home/Away setting does not seem to be an option.

I’m going to need more information:

  • version #’s of Ecobee Suite Manager, ES Thermostat and the Helper(s) you are using
  • how are you trying to change the thermostat program/climate (Note that Home, Away, etc. are programs/climates, not Modes)
  • what Helper(s) are you using?
  • What are you using as a trigger? Note that you can no longer use SmartThings Routines as triggers, you have to use SmartThings Modes

You can post here, or PM me directly

Hey, thanks for the reply. Perhaps I figured it out (enough). I was expecting to see the program/climate exposed as a property of the thermostat, but only saw the basic ones that are available even without the plugin. However, I used the “mode/routine/switches/program” “helper smartapp” to accomplish setting the thermostats to home/away when Smarthings was set to home/away, and it seemed to work. If that’s what’s expected (i.e. that I’m to use the helper smartapps to accomplish the behaviors), then I’m all good. But if I should be seeing the extra properties exposed to the thermostats, then perhaps something is wrong (i.e. I’d like to use the usual SmartThigns automation setup, rather than the custom helpers). Hope that makes sense.

Ecobee Suite Manager 1.8.53
Helpers - “Mode/Routine/switches/Program”
Changing the thermostat using the helper (when SmartThings is set to Away, set Thermostats to Away)

I’m pretty sure that SmartThings doesn’t expose thermostat programs/climates (Home, Away, etc.). It was this shortcoming that drove me to invest in Ecobee Suite in the first place. AFAIK, Ecobee Suite and the Helper you are using is the only way to do what you want in SmartThings…