[OBSOLETE] Would you like to use any ST connected temp & motion sensors with Ecobee?

Oh ok. One last thing. I downloaded the stats apps and keep getting notifications on my phone from it. I can’t seem to figure out how to turn it off. Just got 10 notifications in 2 minutes.

Hi @Squidward, in all my smartapp, you can disable notifications by responding “no” to the following input parameter:

input “sendPushMessage”, “enum”, title: “Send a push notification?”, metadata:[values:[“Yes”, “No”]], required: false


Hi Yves,

Is there an option to change the Temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius? @yvesracine

Hi, the temperature scale needs to be changed for your ST account under the ST Mobile app, so that all your ST devices will be in Celsius.

Press the “hamburger” menu (upper left), and then the “gear” icon. You’ll find the option to change the temperature scale there and press “save”.

At the next “refresh”, My ecobee Device will display the values in the metric system.


Going to get an ecobee lite shortly and will be purchasing your app. Very cool. Can you confirm that I actually won’t need to buy ecobee 3 and can use your ecobee app to run the smart features of ecobee3 including temperature average from multiple sensors on st with ecobee lite ?

Hi @joel_eggenhuize, yes you can! I’d recommend to use good temp/motion sensors with refresh capabilities such as the Iris Motion/Temp sensors (2nd gen) or the SmartSense sensors.

Please note that I have a paid smartapp that brings even more features. EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule allows you to choose the calculation method (avg, min, max, median, and heat_min/cool_max) to apply for the temps collected at your remote sensors.

Also, you can define different zones in your home in order to take into account only the right remote sensors at a given time of the day (ex. during the day, only the ground floor excluding the upper bedrooms;in the evenings, the other way around, etc).

My smartapps only work with Myecobee Device available at my store.


For more details on MyEcobee device, it’s capabilities and its benefits over any other ST connected thermostats, refer to this thread:



Unreal. Thank you. I only have open close smartthijfs sensors that have temp. I find these don’t refresh as often when used with core (manually refreshing them invokes core to pick up and apply change ). So maybe it’s worth just getting the ecobee ones.

Hi @joel_eggenhuize, if your remote sensors have the refresh capabilities, then my smartapps will call the refresh command for you in order to get the latest values. You don’t need Core at all.



So looks like ecobee lite will suit me fine. Thank you.

And, BTW, I don’t recommend the ecobee3’s remote motion sensors as they have some API limitations that are not suitable for HA scenarios.

It’s all explained at the ST community wiki:


And, under this thread:


First thanks for making all these solutions, i’ve purchased and really enjoying the features & flexibility.

A question regarding using other ST connected temp/motion sensors with Ecobee. Is there any method to perform this based upon constraints?

For example, my ecobee 3 lite is downstairs but at nighttime i’d prefer to shift the temp monitoring to my upstairs ST sensors. During the day however, i’d not like to consider those sensors.

Thanks again for everything!

Hi Paul,

The EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp available at my store can do it by creating zones inside your home. Your upstairs zone can then be triggered only during the evening/night schedules.

You can even choose the calculation method to be used for the temps collected at your sensors. You may want to use a different calculation method than just doing an average.

The calculation methods that can configured in the smartapp are the following:

  • Avg (Average) which is the default (this is similar to the ecobee3’s follow me feature)
  • Med (Median)
  • Min (MInimum)
  • Max (Maximum)
  • Heat Min/Cool Max: this method will take the minimum when the tstat’s mode is heating or the maximum when the tstat’s mode is cooling (useful when tstat’s mode is auto).

For more details, refer to this thread:

P.S. The smartappp can work with and without smart vents…

Perfect, will check it out, thanks!

Hoping someone can help clear up my confusion/problems. I am trying to get non-ecobee sensors working with my ecobee3 lite, I have the My Ecobee Device installed and working and have installed the remote sensor app and device handler using https://github.com/yracine/device-type.myecobee/blob/master/smartapps/readme.ecobee3RemoteSensor

However, none of my ST devices ( i.e. Aeon Multisensor 6 ) that report temp and motion, show up when start up the ecobeeRemoteSensorInit app. I just get a blank page.

The readme referenced above mentions: "If you have a blank page in ecobeeRemoteSensorInit or “a unexpected error occurred” while
executing the smartapp:

d) Make sure that you have the latest ecobee firmware (at least v3.6) at the tstat as motion sensors
are not detected prior to that firmware version.

And, of course, make sure that all your remote sensors are actually reporting to the physical thermostat…
In some cases, remote sensors may have some connection issues with your physical thermostat, and my code is not able
to detect them.

I have confirmed firmware but I’m confused by the “actually report to the physical thermostat”. How do I get the aeon multisensor to report to the physical thermostat? Is this done thru the ecobee app? In my ecobee app, I have no remote sensors listed which is what I would expect since I don’t have any ecobee remote sensors. Am I misunderstanding the functionality of the remotesensor app???

Hi @mmaniaci,

You’re using the wrong smartapp. ecobeeRemoteSensorInit is used only to expose your ecobee3 or ecobee4’s proprietary remote sensors to SmartThings as indicated at the ST community wiki:


To use any other ST connected sensors (ex. Aeon MultiSensor, SmartSense or Iris Temp/Motion Sensors, etc), refer to the 1st post of this thread:

[RELEASE] Would you like to use any ST connected temp & motion sensors with Ecobee?

For your use case, the smartapps to be used are either MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp (at my github) or ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule (which has many more features, ex. zones & schedules and it’s available at my store).

For more details about both smartapps, refer to the ST community wiki:


Thanks so much for the response and getting me straightened out. I assumed ( incorrectly ) that after clicking the first link, which brings users automatically to the readme, that was what I needed to do… after adding MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp.src as an app, I got things working.

Hi! Can i use the Blink xt to replace the ecobee 3’s motion sensor?

Hi, yes, any connected ST temp/motion sensors can be used. It’s a one way integration which means that the temp/motion values will be used to adjust the setpoints under SmartThings, but you won’t see the sensor’s values at the ecobee portal or the app, just the setpoints adjustment (as a hold).

For more details, refer to the ST community wiki:


If you want to have more granular control of which connected ST sensor(s) you’re using at a given period of the day, I’d recommend to use ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule, which is a far more advanced smartapp at my store.

It brings much more features… Refer to:



Thanks for the reply! Do i need to install a lot of smartapp to use the sensor of blink, control hrv erv, conditionning and heat pump? Use the follow me… What do i need?

Hi, please refer to the 1st post of this thread. All the use cases are detailed with the name of the smartapps to be used.