[OBSOLETE] Would you like to use any ST connected temp & motion sensors with Ecobee?

Hi @joel_eggenhuize, yes you can! I’d recommend to use good temp/motion sensors with refresh capabilities such as the Iris Motion/Temp sensors (2nd gen) or the SmartSense sensors.

Please note that I have a paid smartapp that brings even more features. EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule allows you to choose the calculation method (avg, min, max, median, and heat_min/cool_max) to apply for the temps collected at your remote sensors.

Also, you can define different zones in your home in order to take into account only the right remote sensors at a given time of the day (ex. during the day, only the ground floor excluding the upper bedrooms;in the evenings, the other way around, etc).

My smartapps only work with Myecobee Device available at my store.


For more details on MyEcobee device, it’s capabilities and its benefits over any other ST connected thermostats, refer to this thread: