How to re-authenticate an Ecobee Thermostat

I have 2 thermostats that have been offline for several days.
I’d like to re-authenticate them but can’t seem to find the option.
Do I need to remove and re-add them? I don’t really want to have to recreate my Routines :-/


If you don’t want to re-authenticate all the time, you should think about using my Ecobee device instead of the stock ST device. On top of it, you have access to many more features and complimentary smartapps at my github.

You’ll then access the most comprehensive solutions for ecobee under ST.


Using the classic app, click on the bottom automation tab, then click on the Smartapps tab at the top right. Scroll down unless you see the Ecobee reconnect Smart app. You should be able to reauthorize your device here.


My Ecobee Suite much more adept at riding through Ecobee’s recent outages than the stock SmartThings version, it comes with a Suite of complimentary helper automations, and it’s free.

Thank you!