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Best Smart Thermostat - smarter than Nest at 20% off

If you pair it with SmartThings using MyEcobee device, it becomes even smarter giving you comfort and energy savings tips…And, you can use any ST connected sensors for a smarter “follow me” and “smart away” features.

You can also search for a rebate in your local area:

And, you can check if ecobee is compatible with your configuration by using this tool: It is compatible with more than 90% of the HVAC configuration.

For a summary of the benefits of the ecobee thermostat vs. other thermostats, see my explanations here:

You can download My Ecobee device now at my store:

N.B. You then have access to an ecosystem of smartapps at my github:

And my Zoned Heating/Cooling solutions also available at my store (which work out of the box with MyEcobee device):

P.S. There is also an even cheaper version of the ecobee3 called the ecobee lite:



I would tell anyone to go with the Ecobee over any other smart thermostat!!!

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For the Holidays, I’m bundling My Ecobee device and the EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp for $30.

The combination of MyEcobee device and the Zoned Heating/Cooling Solution specially designed smartapp for ecobee is really a powerful bundle: SmartThings and ecobee working together for more comfort inside your home.

ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule allows you to reuse the ecobee scheduling for easier configuration under ST AND let you use all your room sensors (door/window, temp and motion sensors) to make the optimal adjustments to your ecobee’s setpoints and your smart vents (optional).

For more details about MyEcobee device and the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp refer to

You can download MyEcobee Bundle at my store:



Hi, here is an example of a rebate you can get from your power company.

If you are with Georgia Power, you can get the ecobee3 with remote sensors for $99 for a limited time (instant rebate):

Search for rebates in your local area: