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Property management: Multiple rental units and My ecobee device for energy savings


I’ve just completed a project for a property manager who wanted to better control all his ecobee thermostats in 10 rental units with a resilient ecobee-SmartThings integration.

In brief, the property manager wanted to use My Ecobee device & my smartapps in order to avoid cooling/heating the units when the guests are away at Nights or during the day (for energy savings).

The property manager didn’t want to systematically use the default ecobee’s Sleep schedule. Instead, he wanted to detect motion/activity using the front lock and any motion/occupancy sensors available at the location to trigger the Sleep schedule when somebody is home between 10pm and 8am. If no motion was detected during the timeframe, the Away comfort settings was applied by default.

Also, during the day, of course, he wanted to trigger the Away schedule after 60 minutes of inactivity in any rental unit based on multiple motion/occupancy sensors ( not only the ecobee’s proprietary remote sensors).

On top of it, the property manager wanted to override any manual holds made by the guests at the ecobee thermostats with a new hold (with the same thermostat’s setpoints), but with the guest’s end date/time according to what the property manager had scheduled for the guest in the Rboy’s Lock API manager. This would avoid any situation when a manual hold would stay longer than the guest’s scheduled end date/time.

I created a smartapp called ecobeeTstatHoldOverride for the above use case.

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