The new ecobee smart light switch with built-in Alexa voice control

@JDRoberts, interesting, definitely didn’t know about the constant load surge on the circuitry of the light. Thank for the information. I’m definitely aware of the battery based, non-wired switches. I’m actually using the Phillips Dimmer Switch for all Hue bulbs hat use a switch. It works well enough, I just don’t like being tied down to one solution; that’s my main gripe!

As long as your hue bridge is integrated with your SmartThings hub, you can use any switch that SmartThings recognizes to control your hue bulbs. The switch will talk to the SmartThings hub, the SmartThings hub will talk to the hue bridge, the hue bridge will talk to the hue bulbs, and the bulb will go on or off or Dim as desired. So you have more than a dozen Switch choices once you add SmartThings into the mix. :sunglasses: :level_slider: :bulb: Which is why if SmartThings will be able to recognize this future ecobee switch, it could also be used in the same fashion.

The only question is how much additional lag is added by this “man in the middle” approach. And that will just vary from house to house. There’s no question that the Hue dimmer talking to the hue bridge Will be somewhat faster than another switch going through the SmartThings hub, but many people find the difference is less than half a second and others with a little longer lag still find it acceptable to them, particularly if the switches are mostly used as a “Plan B” and they also use voice and/or motion sensors for the lights.

Again, the switch FAQ goes into all of this, so if you’re interested, I would go ahead and read that.

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Thanks for that information, @JDRoberts! I will re-read the FAQ as I must have missed that part my first time around (which was a while ago). I’ll be interested to see how the button mappings work between switch -> smartthings. Thank you, helpful as always!

Any word on how much these will cost? How awesome would it be for it to also be able to be used with the new Alexa intercom skill!

Motion, Temperature, Dimmer and Alexa all in one! Whoa!!!

I would pay $75 if you can also use the intercom feature.

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I just got an invite to beta test one of these. Anyone else get one? I submitted for consideration.

Yes, I got it as well. Very excited… Especially for My Ecobee Device Integration…


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Got one too. I didn’t provide a photo of wiring, just the switch where it would go. I know what a neutral is, and know that I have one in that spot!

Will be submitting momentarily – and I’m counting on @yvesracine to provide a device handler to augment his Ecobee device integration :wink:


Yeah, fancy device is no good if it will not work with ST. Too bad just a year ago I put 50 home seer switches in. Wife will NEVER let me change them now. Think I would hate having different switches in a wall box. But wow, light, illuminance (?), alexa voice, motion and temp in one? cool.

probably start with device type for HomeSeer HSM200 and add (or something like that).

Not even sure I saw that the switch is zwave or zigbee though? So only handled through the ecobee API? Helps ecobee sell more thermos this way.

Yup, I got the same invite, I was going to share, but realized it had a unique code in the link. Hoping being ViBee will give me an edge LOL
I had to LOL that they required a picture of the wiring inside a light switch to verify you had neutrals in the box.

Do you know how many people will not know how to wire it but still sign up? I actually labeled my picture so they knew I was serious :slight_smile:

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I sent mine in along with a picture. Funny thing is that the email I saw made no mention of a temperature sensor in the switch

I got an invitation as well. I’m excited to get the opportunity to try it out and provide feedback.

I’m a Google Home user, but the idea of accessing voice assistant throughout the house, in a simple light switch, is pretty intriguing.

Almost certainly Wi-Fi since it needs Wi-Fi for Alexa anyway, and probably will not require the thermostat. We will see. :sunglasses::bulb:

Has anyone who completed their feedback form gotten any confirmation from ecobee that they have been officially selected to beta test? Please someone report back once you hear something. I’m specifically wondering if they are planning to launch this beta test before the end of the year.

I’ve submitted my form, but no confirmation yet. I guess with the number of people who submitted to the beta, they need to do a selection of some sort.

I’m still waiting… This will be an awesome switch to be added to ST…

News from ecobee:



I got the same reply. My application is being reviewed. I hope my sweet iPhone pic of my wires put me over the top :laughing:

I received the same. I was hoping to have heard by now. I guess they technically have until the 9th to stay true to their word.

Ecobee has been promoting ( paid ) this on Facebook like crazy the last week or 2. So either they didn’t get enough replies ( funny they didn’t bring it up in their own VIBee forum), or they are not being very selective with applications.

I was pleased to find out E4 does have Alexa ESP and only responds if it is the closest device. Unlike the Honeywell Lyric that just talks over/ echoes over the other Echoes within earshot.