Ecobee offline and cannot reconnect

So my ecobee went offline a few days ago and I cannot reconnect it or its two occupancy/temperature sensors.

The thermostat works fine using the ecobee app but in SmartThings and ActionTiles it is dead in the water. Trying to reconnect by adding back the ecobee credentials I get the following from the Classic app (in the V3 app it is a shorter message but essentially the same problem).

Is this the ecobee problem that occurs every few months that I have been reading about?

Hi, did you try to unselect the ecobee tstat from all your automation (routines, smartapps, scenes) and remove ecobee connect from your smartapps, and re-start from scratch?

I don’t have any issue with My ecobee DTH…

You should investigate…

I have done everything short of deleting it and reinstalling. That is next.

Did you get it connect? It did finally tell me that my credentials had changed in a firmware update. I did the new sms code for verification on my phone and on the website, but still won’t connect. I rebooted all devices without any luck.

I used the device handlers from SANdood in GitHub and all seems to be working for what I need.

I just went through this. In my case for some reason I needed to re-link or reconnect my Ecobee account to Smartthings. In my crude way I did this by deleting one of my Ecobee devices from my Smartthings app & then went to readd it. This forced me to reconnect my Ecobee account. As soon as I did that, all my Ecobee devices showed online. I even added an automation that when my van ecobee device detected motion for more than 30 sec’s, send me a text.


I got an error saying my ecobee had lost connection and I needed to go to ecobee (connect) to reauthenticate. I couldn’t find any such thing in the ST Connect app (since Classic is long dead now), but simply adding a new ecobee device to the same room triggered the opportunity to log in again with ecobee cred and the device was reauthenticated. No duplicates, no deleting and re-adding, which is typically painful in ST if you have a lot of scenes etc.

Terrible documentation with unhelpful message by ST, but easy solution in the end.


I had the same problem. Same message. It had been working fine for like 9 months. I deleted it from ST, deleted ST from Ecobee, and re-added all of it and it still did not work. I tried your trick and BAM, right back in business! Thanks.

Glad to be helpful! :grinning:

Had the same problem, ecobee went offline last night. Just now deleted the device from ST and added it back like new and it worked. Thanks.

I also lost connection to my Ecobee3 and three sensors. I deleted a sensor and this forced the re- authorization screen to pop up and in addition I had to update the Samsung Pass app. This app stores ids and passwords - I think that this maybe the source of the issue.

This tip still works. Thank you so much.