Using Ecobee with SmartThings

I am happy to pay for support. However, I’ll be honest, the documentation has not been outstanding. I got the app installed. But you provide no documentation on the App set up. and when I did get it set up, I don’t see where it will just make my ecobee HOME when my ST is HOME. It still wants to set a temperature.

My ecobee device’s custom DTH is probably the most documented under ST.

There have been thousands of installations under ST w/o major issues.

As I wrote to you, If you don’t understand the shard concept, just refer to step e) under the prerequisites section (big bold title) under the readme file that I posted before. Or look up for shard in the ST community forum.


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Therr is also a free EcoBee DTH that works very well you might want to check out:

He’s already installed my DTH…Like thousands of others.

That doesn’t mean he can’t try a less complicated free version does it?

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That’s your point of view. But carefully read the testimonials under my thread:

Amongst others,a very happy contributor (latest post):

@yvesracine - You of course are free to advertise the program that you wrote that you charge for. If you remember I did buy your app over a year ago and after criticizing it on the forums as overly complicated and having issues you removed me from your distribution list and i stopped getting updates. I also never got a refund for what I paid and I never complained or said anything about it until now. You seem to not be able to take criticism for what you do and for that I think you’re kind of arrogant.

So forgive me if I make sure to let other people know there are free options out there that work well as opposed to your program. I’m also sure there are plenty of people that are happy with what you wrote, there plenty of people that were happy with windows ME but that doesn’t mean it was very good.



It’s funny that you find everything complicated… You usually recommend the stock ST device as all other ecobee devices are too complicated for you.

Well, some people want more features than the stock ST device: they want zoned heating/cooling, alternative cooling, they want to leverage all their ST connected sensors, and most of all, they want reliability (no disconnect).

That’s what I give them and more. So, you’re free to criticize my work as complicated, but some people want MORE features…

If you had followed the update procedure, you’d get all my minor updates today, but you decided not to follow it. So, don’t complain to not having updates. As you may know, there is no ST AppStore, so updates are done manually (sort of) and take my time.

I will not send updates (more work) to people who are not appreciative of my work. That’s my personal choice.

Enjoy your simple DTH.


So what you just admitted to is its you’re personal choice to be a thief? You literally just said I will not send updates to people that aren’t appreciative of my work, so you will take their money but then not provide the product. That’s really good to know. It does show your true character and proves my arrogant comment was spot on.

As for recommending stock handlers this is so things can run locally and not have to rely on the cloud. Many people recommend running the stock handlers if they will run locally. It just makes good sense when you don’t need extra features to have a faster running system that will keep running if your Internet is down. I also have no issues with stock handlers and devices disconnecting, I imagine if you are having problems with that there’s a bigger issue going on.

Good luck to you and thank you for confirming the person you are publicly.

@jefftb - I’d request a refund and try the free one, it will do everything you need it to do and isn’t written by somebody so hung up on himself.



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Well, didn’t you say that you installed it and found it too complicated?

How could it be a theft?

The fact of the matter is that you installed the device, and didn’t like it… That’s your opinion, but I have hundreds of others who are pleased with my DTH and my smartapps. I don’t want to please everybody, especially people like you who are not appreciative of the work it entails.

I didn’t attack you personally, so please spare me the lecture…

This is a community forum here, so be courteous and move on.

EDIT: And you’re totally wrong about stock handlers which involve cloud-to-cloud integration. They will NEVER run locally…


“This is a community forum here, so be courteous and move on.”

Maybe take your own advice and not keep editing your post to try and make a point.

So, what’s your point about recommending stock handlers that run locally for Ecobee?

I don’t understand why you keep insisting about local stock handlers here… SmartThings to ecobee is a cloud-to-cloud integration and it will never run locally.

Next time, please review your arguments. I’m done here as I have other more important things to do.

I wasn’t recommending stock DTH’s for cloud-to-cloud integration. Maybe you assumed that but I never said that anywhere so I don’t need to review any arguments.

As for the reason I recommend @storageanarchy Ecobee integration:I have used it and it was relatively easy to install and get running which is why I suggested it to @jefftb. I’ve used the stock one, I’ve used yours, and I’ve used @StrykerSKS that @storageanarchy took over. Since the stock isn’t working for him and he is having trouble getting yours to work then I would try the free community created one.

Yet you keep trying to argue because, as stated before, your arrogance keeps you going. Again, my personal opinion validated by your words.


To answer the original question, I use Stringify to do exactly what you’re looking for. In fact, all of my automations are set up through Stringify because I feel like it gives me much more control over conditions and actions.

That’s nice, but you’re adding yet another cloud component to the architecture which makes it more prone to fail.

In IT, one should keep the number of architecture layers to its minimum as the whole chain is as resilient as its weakest link.

And there you have it - the reason why I chose to invest in extending the Open Source (free) version of the Ecobee Suite: I prefer not to deal with people who take my money, and then later decide not to fulfill the commitment to provide timely updates to the “product” I purchased.

Feel free to try my Ecobee Suite. If you find problems - please, let me know. You can post issues/complaints to me publicly, without fear that you will be abandoned. This is how the Suite gets improved for everybody…

You can find the current version and discussion here: [RELEASE] Updated Ecobee Suite, v1.4.0 (Free)
(FWIW, this version is pretty robust - now rides through pretty much every error condition with the ST<–>Ecobee linkage).



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I just installed an Ecobee 4 last night and was looking at your ST integration. I had been considering giving you another chance after the lackluster experience I had with your Automatic Pro integration at the beginning of the year. But this is a complete turn off. If I am a paying customer, I receive the product and/or service I paid for, regardless if you like what I said about said product and/or service. That’s not your choice; you do not have a legal right to withhold anything a customer has paid for. You have just sealed your fate as far as I am concerned. Your statement should serve as a warning for anyone considering your integrations. Caveat Emptor


That’s fine, I’m not here to please everybody.

I have all the legal rights as stated in my license.

Sometimes you have to really look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself, is it me or is it everyone else?

You know, I have followed your thread for a very long time and I have seen the same theme reoccur on several occasions with what is transpiring here now. Perhaps you aren’t self aware or truly feel that you are just more superior than everyone else or maybe you are just too arrogant to see your own faults or perhaps it’s just a defense mechanism.

Whatever the case may be, when you speak/reply to people out here in the community, on many an occasion you are super condescending to people in the words you use and some have even called you out on it. I even made a comment to you, but you were probably just too proud that someone would ever make that comment to you because that just couldn’t be true.

I have been in IT since 87 and I have worked with many a programmer/developer and while it is true that a lot of people who utilize their mind for programming, lack the skills to appropriately communicate with people in the right way, they usually aren’t customer facing directly. I’m sure you mean nobody any ill will, but what you write doesn’t come off that way. Maybe you should have someone else interact with the community when it comes to support and questions so you can stay in the cube coding +what you are great at) or like I said before, take a very long look in the mirror and ask yourself, is it me or is it everyone else. Not trying to be a d… to you now. Just trying to convey a message from a lot of other folks that until now, you aren’t grasping.

  • Note - You won’t be able to please everybody, that’s impossible.
    But to state that you ARENT HERE TO PLEASE EVERYBODY, and you are charging $ for a product, Wow!