Using Ecobee with SmartThings

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I just installed an Ecobee 4 last night and was looking at your ST integration. I had been considering giving you another chance after the lackluster experience I had with your Automatic Pro integration at the beginning of the year. But this is a complete turn off. If I am a paying customer, I receive the product and/or service I paid for, regardless if you like what I said about said product and/or service. That’s not your choice; you do not have a legal right to withhold anything a customer has paid for. You have just sealed your fate as far as I am concerned. Your statement should serve as a warning for anyone considering your integrations. Caveat Emptor


That’s fine, I’m not here to please everybody.

I have all the legal rights as stated in my license.

Sometimes you have to really look in the mirror and honestly ask yourself, is it me or is it everyone else?

You know, I have followed your thread for a very long time and I have seen the same theme reoccur on several occasions with what is transpiring here now. Perhaps you aren’t self aware or truly feel that you are just more superior than everyone else or maybe you are just too arrogant to see your own faults or perhaps it’s just a defense mechanism.

Whatever the case may be, when you speak/reply to people out here in the community, on many an occasion you are super condescending to people in the words you use and some have even called you out on it. I even made a comment to you, but you were probably just too proud that someone would ever make that comment to you because that just couldn’t be true.

I have been in IT since 87 and I have worked with many a programmer/developer and while it is true that a lot of people who utilize their mind for programming, lack the skills to appropriately communicate with people in the right way, they usually aren’t customer facing directly. I’m sure you mean nobody any ill will, but what you write doesn’t come off that way. Maybe you should have someone else interact with the community when it comes to support and questions so you can stay in the cube coding +what you are great at) or like I said before, take a very long look in the mirror and ask yourself, is it me or is it everyone else. Not trying to be a d… to you now. Just trying to convey a message from a lot of other folks that until now, you aren’t grasping.

  • Note - You won’t be able to please everybody, that’s impossible.
    But to state that you ARENT HERE TO PLEASE EVERYBODY, and you are charging $ for a product, Wow!

Eh, it’s a hobby, not a full time job!

And, if I want to be paid for my products (which are superior in design and quality), that’s my take.

That’s why you need My Ecobee device if you’re serious about the ST-ecobee cloud-to-cloud integration and wants something reliable. Otherwise, yes, the free suite is available (with less features).

The free suite will require you to re-enter your login/password from time to time without any reasons.

I found a workaround long time ago: it took several months of hard work…


Actually, Yves, you are mistaken.

As I have already noted in the thread this was posted in, the issue you copied and pasted here has nothing to do with logging into the account - it was merely a typo.

Perhaps you would share with us all the approach you have taken in maintaining connections through SmartThings and Ecobee cloud outages. Surely such would be in the best interests of the Community at large - a sign of goodwill, as it were.

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First, you should review your exception handling as it’s not done properly.

And, do you really think that I will share some code that took me months to refine?

I’ve chosen to ask for contributions because it was a lot of hard work…

You know about this as (at that time) you were giving all kinds of suggestions that didn’t make any sense…Do you want me to post your suggestions here?? Maybe, it could help you!!

A hint for you: you need to redesign the whole DTH as it’s the wrong design from the start (stock device).


Eh @storageanarchy,are you sure it was a typo?

I can refer you to the previous post (long time ago) that you sent me on how to fix the unauthorized token issues… It will probably help you like it helped me at that time!


Eh Steve, look at my post to you about your Automatic issues a while ago. I solved them in 2 days with no logs from your despite the facts that I explicitely asked you to send me some logs…

So, talk about a lackluster integration, eh? Pretty good in my book.

So, if you’re a developer (like your ST forum profile says), you know very well that without logs, it’s kind of hard to find solutions when you cannot reproduce somebody’s else issues.

That’s something you should think about while interacting with any developers…

BTW, you never responded to my post after…

If you want to quote, why not look a bit further up in the thread since it tells the whole story.

If you re-read that thread from my initial post you will see that your only suggestion was to purchase a support package to get help with integration which I had just purchased a couple weeks before. To solve the same problem which others were experiencing at that same time. No thank you.

A word of friendly advice, you are in the business of serving your customers. You would do well to dial back the pretentiousness a bit.

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Eh, I don’t need your advice, I’m doing very well without them. And, if your case is different from others, I need some logs and your were not cooperative.

FYI - email I got when I asked for a refund. <>
    Today at 8:16 PM



Message body

I will give you a refund (even though it’s almost 2 years ago), if you remove all your negative posts about my solutions starting with this one (see below)

before tomorrow at 8H00 AM (EST).

https://community.smartthings. com/t/release-updated-open-sou rce-ecobee-device-type-and-sma rtapps/34335/109

Under my thread:

*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

And here also:

Using Ecobee with SmartThings

I will then remove my own replies to you and issue you a refund.

P.S You will also refrain for doing any negative feedback on any of my posts in the future.

Thats very sad. The part about making future negative posts is not legally binding and is therefore meaningless as it invokes a suppression of free speech.


:popcorn: in before the autolock round 2 :sunglasses:


Wow. You are a true a-hole. Thanks for saving me from even looking at your product no matter how awesome it may be I would never give you a nickel with your attitude.


Hey Jeff,

This is actually pretty easy without any of the above posts about custom device handlers. If you are ok creating a virtual switch that is. Here’s what I did.

  1. Create a virtual switch called “ecobee home” (names not important).
  2. Setup IFTTT to trigger away mode when my virtual switch is turned off.
  3. Setup IFTTT to resume the current program when my virtual device is turned on.
  4. Trigger the switch to be turned on and off when you’re away and home.

Works like a charm and no custom device handlers that you need to manage.

Good luck!

LOL - one year later :slight_smile:

I got the ecobee on Wednesday and didn’t like the options people were giving me so I played around until I got it to work with as little customization as possible.

Sadly, this solution doesn’t actually work as well as I would like as IFTTT only triggers a “comfort mode” until the next scheduled activity, so it works to set it as away, but then when the next activity hits it changes to that. Very annoying. Still don’t have a way to do this without a Custom Device Handler :’(