[OBSOLETE] Would you like to use any ST connected temp & motion sensors with Ecobee?

To whom it may concern,

For those of you who have an ecobee thermostat and would like to use ANY ST connected temp & motion sensors to average out your setpoints based on all temp sensors.

There is an app for that!

It’s called MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp and it’s available now at my github:



The smartapp has been there for a while, but I just did an UI revamp for easier navigation.

The smartapp can also do the following:

  • It can adjust your thermostat setpoints based on a weatherStation or an outdoorTemp Sensor

    • lessHeatThreshold: decrease the heating setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    • lessCoolThreshold: decrease the cooling setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    • moreHeatThreshold: increase the heating setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
    • moreCoolThreshold: increase the cooling setpoint according to a given outdoor temp threshold
  • It can set your thermostat to Away or Home based on ALL your motion sensors.

N.B. My ecobee device is required for the smartapp as it leverages its comprehensive set of features. The ST stock device only exposes less than 10% of the ecobee APIs. My ecobee device exposes ALL ecobee features.

Refer to the ST community wiki for more details:


And, the thread below:

Here are some screenshots of the smartapp:

My Ecobee Device is available for download at my store:


N.B. Please be aware that the ecobee3 remote sensors are not meant to be used for real time HA scenarios, so by using other motion sensors, you can make your ecobee more reactive. Please refer to the ST community wiki for more details:


P.S. For other ST connected thermostats (other than ecobee), please refer to the following thread:


@yvesracine I hate to dig up your old post. (Okay obviously not too much since I did)

I just need a little more info to be able to wrap my head around this. I installed it and set it up and it appeared to be working. I then removed the app because my blower fan was just running non stop. This was the only thing I changed so it had to be something I set up wrong when I configured the app.

Right now I only want the part of the app that averages several temperature settings and nothing else. I don’t have enough motion sensors to do that part and really don’t care about adjusting for temperature extremes.

Can I only fill in the devices that are reporting temperature in smartthings?
I then assume the smart App will then average the temperatures and then send a temporary override to the Ecobee3?

In my head that just doesn’t sound right, I am having a hard time wrapping my head around that. So I assume I am trying to use the App to do something it’s not really designed to do?

The way I understand the interface of your Apps with Ecobee3 is they send a temporary override when needed and you configure the thermostat to resume it’s program upon the next scheduled event.

I appreciate any guidance you can provide even if it’s a your missing the whole thing. I have no problem being wrong.


Please refer to the ST community wiki for more details about the smartapp:


In the look&feel section under “indoor temp sensors”, you can see that you can enter only the temp sensors (with no motion capability, under “any other temp sensors”) that you may want the smartapp to use to average out the setpoints.

So, if you don’t want to use your motion sensors, just use the appropriate section.

The smartapp will then create a temporary hold when needed to override your setpoints with the new calculated setpoint, and “resume” the program when not needed anymore.

You can also set the holdType parameter in My Ecobee device to ‘nextTransition’ instead of ‘undefinite’ (which is the default) to avoid creating permanent holds through the APIs.

If you need more assistance, please contribute to one of my support packages, and I will be happy to help you with your setup.


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Thanks for the quick response. I have read the Wiki several times.
That’s how I had it, I’ll give it another go.

BTW, my “MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp” smartapp does not change any fan settings, so it cannot be the smartapp that was making your fan run nonstop.


If you want to enter only some temp sensors in the smartapp, use the section “any other temp sensors”, and not “Which temp/motion sensors”.


That’s how I understood it. Was just odd timing.

Hi, I pushed a new release yesterday to change the default polling value from 59 down to 10 minutes. The polling interval was set to 59 minutes by default, but could be changed in the app.

The change will allow faster thermostat’s refresh and setpoints adjustment (by default).

To get the new updates, you’d need to either use the github integration (and click updates) or copy and paste the code from my github:

GitHub Settings:

Owner: yracine
Name: SmartThingsPublic
Branch: master



Tried StrykerSKS’s code - and it looks good; however, I couldn’t get it to connect (and he’s too busy to reply). Came here and donated for the code - and would like to say the code AND the support is very impressive. I contacted Yves today and he replied within the hour. I have a coworker that is running an identical setup, and I’ve already given him the links and strongly suggested he get on board.

Yves, thank you again, it’s great stuff and I’m very excited to try more.

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I accidentally changed my icon and now it doesn’t show temp in big bold numbers when I select the thermostat. I know its a simple question just wondering how to change it back.

Sadly, I don’t have an answer for you as this is a ST UI issue. You may want to contract ST support about it.


Oh ok. One last thing. I downloaded the stats apps and keep getting notifications on my phone from it. I can’t seem to figure out how to turn it off. Just got 10 notifications in 2 minutes.

Hi @Squidward, in all my smartapp, you can disable notifications by responding “no” to the following input parameter:

input “sendPushMessage”, “enum”, title: “Send a push notification?”, metadata:[values:[“Yes”, “No”]], required: false


Hi Yves,

Is there an option to change the Temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius? @yvesracine

Hi, the temperature scale needs to be changed for your ST account under the ST Mobile app, so that all your ST devices will be in Celsius.

Press the “hamburger” menu (upper left), and then the “gear” icon. You’ll find the option to change the temperature scale there and press “save”.

At the next “refresh”, My ecobee Device will display the values in the metric system.


Going to get an ecobee lite shortly and will be purchasing your app. Very cool. Can you confirm that I actually won’t need to buy ecobee 3 and can use your ecobee app to run the smart features of ecobee3 including temperature average from multiple sensors on st with ecobee lite ?

Hi @joel_eggenhuize, yes you can! I’d recommend to use good temp/motion sensors with refresh capabilities such as the Iris Motion/Temp sensors (2nd gen) or the SmartSense sensors.

Please note that I have a paid smartapp that brings even more features. EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule allows you to choose the calculation method (avg, min, max, median, and heat_min/cool_max) to apply for the temps collected at your remote sensors.

Also, you can define different zones in your home in order to take into account only the right remote sensors at a given time of the day (ex. during the day, only the ground floor excluding the upper bedrooms;in the evenings, the other way around, etc).

My smartapps only work with Myecobee Device available at my store.


For more details on MyEcobee device, it’s capabilities and its benefits over any other ST connected thermostats, refer to this thread:



Unreal. Thank you. I only have open close smartthijfs sensors that have temp. I find these don’t refresh as often when used with core (manually refreshing them invokes core to pick up and apply change ). So maybe it’s worth just getting the ecobee ones.

Hi @joel_eggenhuize, if your remote sensors have the refresh capabilities, then my smartapps will call the refresh command for you in order to get the latest values. You don’t need Core at all.



So looks like ecobee lite will suit me fine. Thank you.