Loss of State affecting some users / some SmartApps (was Death knell for RM today?)

Noticed some actions triggering incorrectly all over the house today and just looked at some of the rules. It seems that rule machine conditions are all gone from the smartapp as of today.
Everything was working fine until this morning. Is this the grails change? Anyone else notice the same yet?
I’ve not migrated over from RM to CoRE sure to the sheer number of rules I’ve built up over time. Looks like I’ve now no choice!

Yup mine are missing too. This can be catastrophic as I have’t switched over all of my rules to CoRE yet. @slagle @jody.albritton???

mine are doing the same thing. Back to the headless rules

this is ridiculous

on top of it my smarttiles tile order got messed up too

@tgauchat have you seen this before where tile order reverts back to the previous state saved months ago?

Yes! Crap just hit the fan for me as my rules are all activating and all show no conditions.

Every. Single. One.

@slagle @jody.albritton

Well, if it’s any consolation… When you start in CoRE you will not have as many rules.

I took 89 RM rules and turned them into roughly 10 pistons.

I hope you had everything saved on how you set up RM.

why so the same thing can happen again to CoRE? It is only a matter of time unfortunately.


at least the RM info is still in the IDE

This leads me to believe this can be fixed as is more about a mobile view issue then an actual db corruption or loss issue.

that would be true IF the rules were still functioning. mine will turn on lights etc but will not read conditional variables such as only run if outside luminescence is above X

apparenly alexa does not want to turn on my harmony activities, lovely

low and behold ST status shows all green as of 1 minute ago.

Is there any way to remotely and completely disable Smart Things? I’m not home and my only other alternative seems to be to delete all of my Rules. If there’s a chance they will come back, I don’t want to do that. I’d like to just shut it all down. Thanks.

That’s because you are not using Yonomi. Have had one failure in 6 plus months and they fixed it within hours…

Oops, it felt like 6 months, but actually it has been only 4


Yup, I agree. Yonomi has been so much more reliable than ST when it comes to Harmony integration.

I lost three pistons today. Looks like the State information is completely lost, and that’s where the piston data resides. Planned for this, just too lazy to implement it yet, but there is the possibility of rebuilding the piston state data (app) from the settings. Those look okay, unaltered.

If it happens to you, don’t do anything to it, I’ll release some version that is smart enough to “rebuild”. Tonight or tomorrow early morning though.


Actually these are the same symptoms that were occurring that led to the developer of RM leaving.

This is almost certainly a db corruption.


so they basically patched the system and forgot about it until the next time this issue occurs. what’s next? will they blame us for having too many devices again and to expect failures?


This is a high priority… we are looking into it right now. Hang tight for updates.


I am loosing devices. They are disappearing from the IDE as I speak. Here WE GO AGAIN !!!

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please update the status page so everyone is aware of this

says no issues as of 0 minutes ago