Ecobee reporting delay

Is there a way to have the delay in reporting temperature from Ecobee to SmartThings? If the temperature changes on the wall thermostat, it changes the temperature in the Ecobee app within a few seconds. I don’t see a change in my SmartThings app for up to 10 minutes. I need to have a much quicker report/update.
I spoke with Ecobee and they said this:

"I think you will need to speak to their support because they are using our API to show updates on ecobee device.
Their software and app is pulling the information from our server."

I spoke to SmartThings and they told me the opposite. Anyone have this issue? Anyway to speed up the reporting?


With MyEcobee device (which has been migrated to the custom capabilities to be more compatible with the new Samsung connect app), you can change the polling interval to be as fast as every minute.

It’s the most comprehensive and resilient ecobee implementation under the ST platform. Thousands of ecobee users have been using My ecobee device for years…


Thanks for the suggestion @yvesracine . So then is the answer to my question is the polling time with SmartThings really about 10 minutes? 1 minute polling would be perfect. This looks pretty involved to set up though…

Yes, I believe that 10 min polling is the default for the ST stock device, but I haven’t used it for the past 6 years…

Is there a YouTube for the installation? Seems quite involved.

Hi, there is a Readme at my github. The installation should not take more than 10-20 minutes for a ST user.

You need first to contribute to get the code at my store.

There is no video of the whole process, but there are screenshots here


Once you go through this once or twice, it will become much easier.