Can I use SmartThings Motion Sensors w an Ecobee3?

I am looking at buying an Ecobee3 thermostat. I already have SmartThings motion sensors which will report temperature. Can I use these instead of the Ecobee brand room sensors, to control the thermostat?

Also, on the flip side of that question. The Ecobee comes with a sensor, can I use that as an ST motion sensor, connected to my hub?

Yes, you can use any ST connected sensors and I have a smartapp to expose the ecobee’s remote sensors.

Please note of the following known issue with motion capability of the Ecobee’s remote sensors:

Refer to my thread for more details:


Thank you!

What app do you select from the store in order to use the smart things sensors with Ecobee and the Ecobee sensors with smart things. a little confused which once to buy, thanks.


See my answer here under the right thread:


Will “non” ecobee sensors show up on the EcoBee side of things? (HomeIQ) If not, what’s the difference from using ecobee vs a regular cheap z-wave connected therm?

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No, it’s not possible to push data to HomeIQ through the ecobee APIs…

But, you still have the ecobee’s features, and my smartapps can leverage your ecobee’s comfort settings & ST ecosystem for better comfort and energy savings.

What’s the difference between ecobee vs. a cheap z wave tstat: