Anyone else having ecobee problems?

Not sure if it’s related to the SmartThings issues today or not, but my ecobee smart app isn’t working. In addition, please no solicitations for paid smartapps.


Yes, lost connectivity to Ecobee here too.

I’m seeing this in the logs
Unhandled exception org.apache.http.conn.ConnectTimeoutException: Connect to [ ] failed: connect timed out in ecobee polling pollAttempt:1, isThermostatPolled:false, isSwitchesPolled:true

Working fine here. NC, USA

Mine is showing as offline, I assume there’s a link somewhere in the cloud-to-cloud integration that’s down…

Yeah, I’m getting the same thing. It’s not updating in Smartthings (and therefore Action Tiles). It looks like it lost connection to the Ecobee API servers. This seems to happen every few months and it usually fixes itself. I think it’s an issue on Ecobee’s side. I’ll give it until tomorrow before I really start to wonder…

I specifically asked for no replies with paid smart apps.

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What’s your problem with paid smartapps?

IF somebody has designed, developed and intensively tested for a better ecobee integration, what’s wrong with asking for a contribution fee as a matter of respect for his/her work?

I have no issue with paid smart apps. My issue is the thinking that every post regarding ecobee is a platform for advertising said app.


Well, if the said issue is related to the design of the Ecobee integration that you’re using…

Back to the point of the thread…
Im getting this error when trying to authorize:{“error”:true,“type”:“java.lang.reflect.UndeclaredThrowableException”,“message”:“An unexpected error occurred.”}

Curious if others are having the same experience, regardless of the integration approach.

FYI - We are looking into this issue.


Thank you for the update Brad.

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Some of my contributors in the States have the above issue if they try to reconnect at ecobee at this point.

Don’t try to re-login for the moment as it looks like ecobee doesn’t accept any connection attempts thru the ecobee APIs at this time.

Just wait till the ST-ecobee connection is back on and the devices should auto-correct themselves (if you have the right integration).

P.S. It looks like the issues are more on the Eastern side of the USA as my contributors in Chicago and West Coast are not affected so far.

Update: One contributor in the Chicago area is affected. To be followed…

Both my ecobees are showing accurately in ST at this time
Not using a paid smartapp, btw


Both of my Ecobees are offline (near Detroit).

Edit: back online at about 5:30PM EST

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This is especially frustrating for me since I spent a long time setting up a brand new ecobee for the first time and integrating it with ST last night and then discovered it’s not working today.

So now I spent even more time trying to troubleshoot what I did wrong when it looks like it’s really an outage to kick off my experience with this thing.

Official response from ecobee on server issues on reddit: