Change ecobee comfort setting with webcore?

Is it possible to change my ecobee comfort setting with webcore? I’m currently using the yracine : My Ecobee Device device handler. My ecobee has 4 comfort settings: 1. Away, 2. Home, 3. Sleep, 4. Other

These are the options that i see on webcore:


Hi @ignacio82, you can use the setClimate or the simpler setThisTstatClimate() commands in webCoRE.

Just look at the list of parameters in the DTH.

P.S. I don`t use webCoRE myself, so I cannot tell you more about it.

Don’t know but what I do is use webCoRE to set the temp (setpoint) based on realtime events and hold these until the next schedule change. If you think about it, comfort settings are just setpoints. I found it much simpler to use the EcoBee for hard scheduling, including comfort settings and use ST when deviating from these hard schedules. Have saved me a ton a money!


If all presence sensor are away, set cooling to 80…
If system stays cooling for 1 hour then turn off, wait 30 minutes, resume schedule…
If time is between X and X and presence sensor leaves work and passes through home route then resume schedule…
If time happens at 2am daily then turn off…
If routine Good Morning executes, then turn on, resume schedule…
If door stays open for X minutes, turn off…


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I use Yves’ handler and set the comfort setting with setThisTstatClimate(). Just add a string parameter with the name of the comfort setting. No quotes needed and I think it’s case sensitive. For some reason I can’t snapshot pistons at work otherwise would just post it.

Hi @rontalley,

There are many benefits to use the ecobee’s comfort settings over just changing the setpoints:

  • You can control both your cooling and heating setpoints at the same time (useful for tstats in auto mode)
  • You can also control your fan settings through the climate/comfort settings
  • If you change your comfort settings (setpoints or fan settings) at the ecobee portal , you don’t need to change your CoRE/webCoRE script.

The comfort settings are one of the many features than can be accessible through the ecobee APIs, and is one of the many advantages of the Ecobee thermostat over Nest and other smart thermostats on the

P.S. The end result is the same: the call to the ecobee APIs will result in a temporary hold according to your holdType input parameter specified for the device.

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Makes sense. Will give it a go.

I’m definitely going to have to look into these comfort settings. But until then, for those of you using webCore, how do you simply resume schedule? Sometimes when our master bedroom is warm at night, I’ll set the temp manually. When we leave in the morning, I’ll want my preprogrammed schedule to resume as part of the piston which arms/disarms SHM via presence but I’m not quite sure how to do it in webCore. I can post it in the webCore thread, but this thread was first in my search results. :slight_smile:

Hi Brad, the command to be called is resumeProgram()…


I have an Ecobee3 and want to do something similar. Basically, I want to enable any of my ST motion or presence sensors to trigger “home” mode on the Ecobee, not just its few motion sensors.

I don’t want to override the specific temp settings using webCore. I want to JUST set the “mode” and then continue to only have to control the specific temps for the modes using the Ecobee.

When I look at the options I have for the thermostat, I see the following:


The closest I see is “Set thermostat schedule…” (highlighted) however it doesn’t give me a pulldown of options (Home/Away/etc). There’s “Value” which is a freeform field you can type in… would one just type “Home” here? Doesn’t seem right… I feel I’m missing something.

Hi, all the above people are contributors to

My Ecobee device allows you to call the following commands using WebCoRE / CoRE /SmartRules

  • away()
  • home() or present()
  • asleep()

If you have a custom climate, you can also call setThisTstatClimate(“name of your custom climate”). This last command will overrride any holds set at your thermostat and apply the comfort settings correctly.


[quote=“yvesracine, post:10, topic:95742”]
My Ecobee device allows you to call the following commands using WebCoRE / CoRE /SmartRules

home() or present()

If you have a custom climate, you can also call setThisTstatClimate(“name of your custom climate”). This last command will overrride any holds set at your thermostat and apply the comfort settings correctly.[/quote]

So are you saying the only way to get the functionality I mentioned is to install this different device handler for the ecobee thermostat?

Yes, as the default stock handler doesn’t provide this feature.


Thanks. Donated, got things installed and configured, redid my script and I think things are working like they should now. Thanks!

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I have some comfort settings in my ecobee that sets to use different sensors to measure the temperature. I use webCore to manually override the schedule with those comfort settings. This works good that webCore can set hold the temperature defined in the comfort settings. However, it seems like it does not pick up the sensors I assigned for those comfort settings.

In my webCore, I do
setThermostatProgram(‘Comfort Settings Name’, ‘indefinite’, )

my use case is
A sensor is in a room that I have a space heater. I want to exclude the sensor from the temperature measurement when it’s 72º. Once it goes to the number, webCore setThermostatProgram to the comfort setting I defined to only use a set of sensors.

Does anyone have experiences about it? Thank you

My use of Webcore with ecobee is: I have two ecobee4 units. They don’t talk to each other. The sun beats down on my roof, even on cold days, and heats the upstairs significantly. So it’s possible under certain circumstances for the downstairs unit to turn on the heat, while the upstairs unit puts its zone into AC mode.

So I set up a piston that slaves the upstairs to the downstairs and vice versa. If the heat is on downstairs the upstairs goes into a comfort setting that won’t kick on AC unless the temp reaches 110 degrees (will never happen on cool days) - and if the upstairs AC is on, the downstairs heat will not turn on unless the temp drops to zero (again, will never happen).

For any other overrides of schedule, “Alexa, increase (decrease) the downstairs (upstairs) temperature” works far better for us than letting sensors drive the process. I keep my temps at 68 when home during winter, and at 78 when home during summer… and if in a moment we want it cooler or warmer, voice command does the job.