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Frequent SSL Exceptions -->

All of a sudden, over the past few days, my Ecobee Suite is experiencing frequent exceptions when it tries to contact These generally recover within 15-60 seconds if I retry the call every 15 seconds, so I know the arguments to the calls are properly formed.

The specific errors I am seeing are:

  • PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

From what I can tell, these are temporary in nature, as a retry often succeeds.

Given the frequency these are occurring, its probably something SmartThings needs to look into…

I’d add this precison: it only happens for some synchronous requests as My Ecobee device uses async polling and it doesn’t experience this SSL exception issue.

For users’ direct refresh calls (which are done via synchronous requests), then I can see the same exception issue in my logs. Of course, My ecobee device is able to re-issue the faulty requests when needed via some queue processing for failed commands.


And indeed my Ecobee Suite will re-issue faulty requests and effortlessly recover from these temporal issues as well.

Oh, and my Ecobee Suite is FREE.



@yvesracine -

I am not quite sure what all this has to do with the topic of this thread, as I did not start this as a commercial for my Ecobee Suite. I merely reported an error situation for discussion and awareness of the community.

IMHO, this is (once again) inappropriate and rude behaviour on your part, as has become expected.


I’m also tracking the exception and since 11:05 (EST), it seems that the exception is gone in my logs.

Because you force them to if they want free updates. We’ll just leave it at that.


How can I force them? By Telepathy?

More like blackmail / extortion!

From your terms and conditions:

You may have “free minor updates” if you “like” or post positive comments about my solutions at the ST community forum under the related thread. After doing so, please send your ST handle via email to get the limited “free minor update” promotion.

And you keep marketing your business on threads relating to the free versions… in this case, a thread from the creator of said free version… really not on!


You really don’t get it do you???

Post 1
@storageanarchy posted about an issue with his Ecobee suite

Post 2
You smugly posted that you don’t have the issue with you’re Ecobee suite… a blatant plug. You then went on to say “Of course, My ecobee device is able to re-issue the faulty requests when needed”… a blatant stab (and inaccurate statement considering his does the same) at @storageanarchy’s version.

This post was no help to the thread, and only served your narrow interests

In regards to your T&C’s… yes, you offer limited upgrades, but selling further upgrades thereafter in return for positive feedback leads to false positives. Just charge again and don’t fill this forum with forced feedback!


If you’re so concerned about my contributors’ feedback, just contact them and ask them if they are forced in any way to give positive comments. But, you won’t do that b/c you’re afraid of their answers…

They will continue to give positive comments in my thread, because there is nothing similar in the whole ST community. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it…

They will give positive comments because you encourage it by rewarding them with free updates in return. On the other hand, if something critical is posted you get defensive and threaten to cut them off. Kinda throws the concept of integrity in the review process into doubt.


Just show me a threat I made to one of my contributors… Can you show me one?? I don’t think so…

If I were such a bad guy, my business will be down very quickly… My contributors keep coming and coming (not only from the ST community forum), but now people find my solutions just by googling them…

Now, with the Nest integration, it’s even better than before… I loved it guys when you keep talking about my solutions…


That’s not a threat at all.

No… you are to subtle for that… but the result of non-conformance is quite clear!


At that time, I was manually pushing updates by emails…Quite a lot of work… I don’t do this anymore. My contributors can get all the minor updates using my sellfy ecommerce solutions.

Problem solved.

But the fact remains that you have a history of striking people off your list for posting negative comments.

And you also have a history of offering people money to take down negative comments:


And this email soliciting for feedback:

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A history??? Where, I offered a refund to one guy who was complaining about the fact that he didn’t get updates 2 years after his contribution…

Slight exaggeration again… I will not respond to any more posts as this is going anywhere and we’ve already discussed about all this (and those posts are still under my thread, so contrary to what you say about me not accepting negative comments).

I’ve moved on, and you should too! An advice: don’t focus on the negative all the time, look at the bright side of life!

EDIT: Some people should write conspiracy theory books…