Ecobee and fan switch

You should check out webCore. It do what you want and so much more…

Yeah guess I’ll have to take the one step deeper into all this

We core still beta tho eh

Definitely don’t let that stop you.

Authorizing the community section isn’t lit up so kind of stuck. Maybe because I’m still waiting to receive my account from the community.

Nvm just didn’t like my browser lol, worked in chrome tho

Maybe not a cell phone task, maybe some other day when I have a pc nearby

Hi, with My ecobee Device, you have the simple ecobeeStateTriggerHA smartapp, which allows you to turn on/off switch(es) based on the thermostatOperatingState (heating, cooling, fan only, idle).

For more details on all use cases available:

It’s available at my github:


Thanks I’ll check it out, new to this and just setting up webcore. Is this for we core?

My ecobee Device (custom Device Type Handler) exposes all thermostat capabilities & commands for webCoRE/CoRE/SmartRules.

The ecobeeStateTriggerHA is a simple smartapp for your simple use case.

There are many other smartapps available with My ecobee Device for your use cases. So, you don’t need to use a rule engine like WebCoRE for your simple use cases.

My Ecobee device is only available at my store:


Nothing showed up in myapps when I got to that stage.

Hi, you’d need to contribute first at my store to start the download. Make sure that you deactivate your pop ad blocker (if any) in your browser.


I mean for webcore install sorry

Did you publish all 4 of the webcore apps in IDE and enable OAuth for the webcore one?

Then look for Webcore under Automation: SmartApps not in the marketplace.

Then sign up for an account at There are lots of great example pistons to be found and the folks over there will help you with anything needed in regards to webcore.

Nothing in myapps still

Think may e because I used na01 and not na02, will redo the work and try

That was the issue indeed

Tried to get the 20 bucks ecobee package but PayPal says my credit card is invalid so I’ll try again another time may e on a pc.