Ecobee3 and Amazon Echo Question

I realize that neither of these devices are directly related to smartthings, but I assume there are plenty of people on this board who use all three together and can help me answer the question.

I don’t get how you use alexa to control the thermostat… ecobee3 uses upper and lower limits to control. Set the high end for how hot you will tolerate and the low end for how cold you will tolerate. It then turns on the heat or the AC to either heat up or cool down when outside those ranges.

So when I ask alexa to set the thermostat to 71 degrees… it will confirm the command, but it doesn’t adjust the temp. I assume because it doesn’t know WHAT to adjust. There isn’t a target SP for my thermostat… just a upper and lower threshold.

Hi @andrew.gannon,

Have you set your tstat to ‘auto’ mode? I guess that’s what you mean by " ecobee3 uses upper and lower limits to control.


I have both and mine works fine. You have to remember to connect the Echo to Ecobee in the Alexa app. Also, you have to call the thermostat by the name you gave it when you set it up (I named mine “Home” so I say “Alexa, set home to 75 degrees”) and not say “thermostat”, unless that is what you named it.

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Mine works well too. On my side, I used both the stock ST-Echo integration
and the Ask Alexa integration which brings more verbal commands with Alexa
You can get comfort and energy savings tips from My Ecobee device by interacting
with Alexa through a new set of verbal commands (read/play/repeat/give tips).

For more information about the Ask Alexa, refer to this thread:

For more information about My ecobee device and its unique integration with Ask Alexa, refer to this thread;


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Yes… it’s in Auto mode. I guess I’m just not getting it. I can command my ecobee3 through alexa and it confirms the command has been sent… but nothing happens.

HI @andrew.gannon,

Usually, you need a 5F difference between the cooling setpoint and the heating setpoint in auto mode (for energy savings). If the difference is too small, ecobee cannot find the median between the 2, and it may override your target temp.

See this thread :slight_smile:


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