[RELEASE] My Ecobee Device V4 with thermostat multi-tile UI (pictures below)

@yvesracine this community is in place specifically to learn about new options and to find solutions for use cases we all have with home automation. You seem to have one intent and that’s to sling your code and if someone is not directly following your suggestion and trying to learn and come to their own realization and understanding you seem to discount them and tell them to bugger off. It you obviously need to read my posts in the other thread again because your suggestions of what I’m doing are completely false.

If you truly cared about the community, you would participate in constructive dialogue and help me come to the correct conclusion not try to discredit me because I’m considering all options. Especially call me out on trying to save a measly $20 on your code.


BTW, I’ve made some changes to WindowAndDoorOpen! today to be able to track
multiple door and window contacts in one single app instance… You can turn on/off the thermostat(s) after a configurable delay if needed (optional).

You can also add voice notifications as an optional feature.

The code is available at my github and works with any ST connected thermstats (not only ecobee):


Perfect timing. I also released a SmartApp that supports multiple contact sensors tonight!

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Just wanted to post a positive review of Yves’ work. I have an ecobee and was a bit disappointed by the existing integrations. But I paid a mere $20 for Yves’ device types (remote sensors and ecobee thermostat) - and let’s face it - $20 is a light lift after the money I’ve spent on home automation products :wink: - and I have been happy with the result thus far. Installation went smoothly on 2.0 hub, and the SmartApps he has on github pretty much cover all of my desired use cases. Saved me an enormous amount of time, and that is super valuable. Thanks Yves! I’m heartened that developers are taking it upon themselves to create a monetized marketplace for these apps because development time is valuable, and if there is an economic case to be made for development we are going to see more growth in the ecosystem, which is exactly what we need right now.

Thnx Matt! Really appreciate the feedback.

Hi @yvesracine can EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule use a trigger such as 2 different motion detectors to switch from one schedule to another? i.e. from Sleep to Morning?

Another way would be to leverage a “Good Morning” routine that uses motions. But curious does your custom ecobee DTH expose routines being able to switch the schedule for the thermostat?


EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule mostly relies on ecobee’s own scheduling.

However, some schedules within the smartapp can be run only when some ST modes are on (ex. Night, Home, Away, any custom ones) which are usually triggered by some routines.


@yvesracine understood. Is it possible to use ST triggers in Routines to change the Ecobee Schedule and if no trigger is present default to Ecobee native scheduling? Basically, I’m curious about this because we wake up at different times during the week and we have our alarm automated where it deactivates based on a motion trigger in a specific room and it would be really great to have Ecobee switch to the Morning schedule based on this trigger. Then default to Ecobee native schedule if trigger is never present. Make sense? IS this even something that is possible to do?


You can create an ecobee climate that can run only when a custom ST hello mode is on. The custom ST hello mode can be triggered by any event (motion, presence, time) you want inside a ST routine

That’s what I do for example for a customer of mine who wants the Guest climate to run only when the ST Guest present mode is on. The custom ST hello mode is only triggered by a SmartSense arrival sensor given to the guest.


@yvesracine thanks! So to confirm that I understand you correctly. Can I have a routine triggered off a motion change the ecobee from sleep to home schedule at the time the motion detector is tripped even though ecobee’s native scheduler isn’t due to make the change form sleep to home until later that day? Then, if the motion is never tripped have it default back to the ecobee’s native scheduler for that day? make sense?

Hi @shmookles, one cannot change the ecobee scheduling on the fly with a ST routine. The ecobee scheduling is not exposed to ST, it’s only native to ecobee.

However, my smartapps can apply a “hold” to the thermostat with a custom ecobee climate (ex. MyEarlyMorning) that will apply only when a custom ST hello mode is on. This ST hello mode can be triggered by any event of your choice (motion, presence, time) in your own ST routine.

The “hold” can be applied till the next transition in the ecobee native schedules.

P.S. You’d need the ScheduleTstatZones or ScheduleRoomTempControl smartapps to do so (not ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule as the latter strictly follows the ecobee native scheduling).


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Thanks for this great app it is a bargain at $20. We’ve been playing with it and it really makes working with the Ecobee a lot easier and greatly enhances what I can do with the thermostat.

But I’ve looked thru a number of threads and don’t seem to find the answer so let me ask here:

When I switch to a different program and thus put a hold (say, hold Sleep) it does not seem to release that hold when the next scheduled activity is suppose to happen (in this example, say Away). I do have this set in the Ecobee preferences (Hold Action is set to "Until next scheduled activity). Do I need to set something up in the smartapp so that if I do a hold action it will remain in that hold only until the next schedule?

Hi @smgran,

Please refer to the ST community wiki for more details about MyEcobee device’s configuration:


The holdType preference parameter is described under item 3b.

The readme installation file (step 7) also describes in details how to set it up.


P.S. Thnx for your feedback!

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Perfect, this is what I was looking for.

@yvesracine So, is scheduling abolutely needed for EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule? I have my schedule setup through Ecobee but when I left the scheduling blank, the vent control doesn’t seem to be functioning. Am I missing something? Thanks


Yes, as the smartapp’s name suggests it, the schedules are required to control the zones and the vents.

For more details about the smartapp’s configuration, please refer to the ST community wiki:


There is a configuration section with the main use cases.



I added all the “free” ecobee smartapps that are compatible with MyEcobee device to the SmartThingsPublic repo today in order to make it easier for users who have integrated their IDE with github to get the latest changes.

If you have the github integration, you just need to select the ecobee apps that you need when you “Update From Repo” (yracine is at the end of the “New - only from github” list).

N.B. My smartapps usually require MyEcobee device, as the ST stock device has not exposed all the ecobee APIs that are required for my smartapps to execute.

My Ecobee device is available for download at my store:


My device type version is 4.2. Is that the latest?


the latest is 4.2.6, but there is an upcoming v5.0 (actually in beta):


P.S. Please contact me at services@maisonsecomatiq.com for more details.

ok I’ll wait for the update.