LG Smart ThinQ + Ecobee 4 integration

Greetings! I’m new to home automation and had a question i couldn’t seem to find an answer for via search function. I have a Ecobee 4 and an LG smart A/C (https://www.lg.com/us/air-conditioners/lg-LW1817IVSM). I can create schedules via the LG app to turn the a/c on and off, but that function works regardless of the room temperature; It simply knows to turn on at at 2:00 pm and turn off at 10:00pm. I can control every function of this A/C via the application on my phone, or via Alexa. Now, i don’t own a smart things hub, or know much about it, but I’m familiar with basic logic programming. Would it be possible with this hub to turn my A/C on when the thermostat reaches X, and then off again at y, only during certain times? IE to act as a bridge between the two? I know that may be a tough question to answer definitively, but perhaps somebody here may know. I see nothing from LG under the list of compatible devices. :frowning:

You probably want to contact Ecobee and see if they have any luck with it. If the LG Smart A/C worked with Smartthings, you might be able to use it to translate between the two.


For the last 4 years, I’ve developed My ecobee Device and my smart zoned heating/cooling smartapps with those kinds of capabilities in mind.

Some of my contributors to my code have a similar configuration: they want to use their ecobee thermostat as a master thermostat for their home and this includes controlling slave thermostats (such as portable heaters/coolers/mini/window split units) for hotter/cooler rooms.

With my device handlers for Ecobee and your portable heaters/coolers/window/mini split units controlled by the Flair puck, my smartapps can integrate them by leveraging their capabilities under the ST platform.

  • First you need to check with Flair (contact support at flair.co) if the LG Smart ThinQ is supported (it should be as LG is a major brand, but they may not support all models). If so, you’d need 1 puck (hardware sold by Flair) as the puck uses IR to control the unit .

  • Second, you’d need the following bundles at my store:

     - My HVAC unit bundle will expose the Flair Puck and your LG SmartThinQ unit as a Thing under ST
     - My ecobee bundle which includes My ecobee Device and the _ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule_ nsmartapp 

The HVAC unit bundle, you can expose your LG unit to SmartThings as a thermostat and a switch, so you can control it by turning it on/off manually (using the DTH) or define a setpoint (target temperature).

For the unit:

http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=My_Flair_HVac_Unit#Look_.26_Feel 1

For the puck:


  • The zoned heating/cooling smartapp called ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule can control your LG unit based on the master ecobee thermostat and the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules.

  • The smartapp can turn on/off multiple units based on your active (using your motion sensors) scheduled zones at your home and keep the slave thermostats’ setpoints in synch with your master thermostat.

  • Most people use splits for cooler/hotter rooms and still have a master thermostat for central heating/cooling.

For more details on My Ecobee device, and all the use cases supported by ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule, refer to the ST community wiki (under the configuration section) :



All the bundles are available for download at my store:


My Ecobee device has been used by thousands of users and there are many Flair users as well, see my threads here:


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Unfortunately, The LG Thinq mini split AC is not integrated to Flair