Ecobee3 lite pays for itself in no time at $139 - use any ST connected temp/motion sensors with it!

You can use My Ecobee device with any ST connected temp/motion sensors to reproduce the ecobee’s follow me and smart away features!


Interesting. :sunglasses:

We’ve had ours for almost a year now, but haven’t seen much in terms of dollar savings. But then there’s almost always somebody home at our house.

For us, the big advantage has just been the convenience factor. It’s great to have voice control of the thermostat!

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Had a couple of them for a little over 2 years now and according to the Ecobee site, savings have equaled a couple of thousand…Don’'t know how true that is but I can say that my utility bill went down, enough to notice, after installing the first one and setting up some custom rules. This made me get another one for upstairs and noticed a decrease in the utility bill afterwards as well.

I can say this though, my family doesn’t like it but I just can’t afford keeping the house at 72 Degrees F. I see that I have to adjust one of the registers (Eboni’s Room) in order to provide more heat to (Boy’s Room) which should even everything out…

Also controlling Humidity is very important!

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Ecobee calculator says we’ve saved about $180 over two years, but it’s actually only been about $60.

Their calculator assumes that prior to getting the ecobee you always kept the house at 72°, 24 hours a day, even if everybody was gone.

There’s almost always somebody home at my house, so we don’t get the “turn down when away” savings. And our daytime setting was the same as it is now at 68. For us the savings have come from better management of the night time settings.

We used to turn it down to 66° at 11 pm. The problem is that two of the bedrooms have very different ambient temperatures and one of my roommates comes in quite late. And of course he has the coldest bedroom. So he would come in, feel cold, turn the thermostat up overriding the time program, and it would end up running at 67 or 68 all night.

Now we have a sensor in his room and average that in so it’s never as cold in there as it used to be. And result is that he usually doesn’t try to adjust the thermostat anymore and we are saving some compared to before we had the ecobee.

As I’ve mentioned, we got it for the convenience of voice control, not for the dollar savings, but there have been some savings as well. :sunglasses:

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