Ecobee 3 lite smart app help needed

I’m looking for a simple smart app that will do the following.
Only when I’ve turned it on for either heating or cooling I would like when:

Goodbye is executed: set temp to prescribed number
I’m back is executed: set temp to prescribed number
Goodnight: set temp to prescribed number.

I don’t want smartthings turning on the heat or temp, just set temp
I also want to use my 3 or 4 motion/temp sensors to average out the home temp.


  1. Install your choice of Ecobee thermostat device handler. There’s a basic one from SmartThings available in the Marketplace, and there are others that you can find in the Community Developer section. Your request is basic, so any one of these will do just fine.
  1. In the Goodbye, I’m Back! and Good Night! routines (you might want the Good Morning! routine also), specify the thermostat device and the desired temperature (just above the “Change the mode to” option in each Routine).

  2. On the Ecobee thermostat, include each sensor in all the programs (Home, Away, Night), and it will automatically average all of them for the temperature that is displayed on the thermostat, which will also be the temperature you are trying to raise/lower…


Gotcha. I forgot to mention. I want to have ecobee use to many smartthings Motion / temp sensors I have. I don’t have the ecobee sensors. How can I achieve this?
So if I use the smart app, do I not use the temp setting in the modes - good morning, good bye, I’m back, good night?

Please look at the following threads:

The first thread explains which smartapps can be used with My Ecobee device depending on the use cases.

The second thread explains which smartapp(s) you can use in order to adjust your thermostat’s setpoints based on any ST connected sensors.

Basically, there are 2 smartapps that you can use with MyEcobee for adjusting the thermostat’s setpoints:

  1. MonitorEcobeeTemp: “free” smartapp at my github

  2. ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule: the smartapp allows the same thing but you can choose which sensors can participate to the thermostat’s setpoints adjustments using the concept of “zones” (a zone is composed of 1 to many rooms). The smartapp is available for download at my store.

For more details, please refer to the ST community wiki:


There is one Ecobee DTH that supports non-Ecobee sensors - it’s the one you’ll find that costs money. To my knowledge, none of the free DTH for Ecobee support non-Ecobee sensors.

If you use the SmartThings DTH and the temperature settings in each of the Routines, you don’t need any additional SmartApps.

Alternately, if you would like SmartThings Mode changes (Home, Away, Night) to change the thermostat Program (aka Climate), then yes, you’ll need some SmartApp (or WebCoRE) assistance. The free Ecobee Suite I maintain includes the necessary SmartApps to change Thermostat Programs based on Mode Changes or Routines being run. You can find it here: [RELEASE] Free Ecobee Suite, Version 1.2.*

Hi again,

I ask for a modest contribution given the extensive work that I’ve done in the last 3 years in order to expose all the Ecobee APIs features and make it work nicely with your ST ecosystem of sensors.

With My Ecobee device, you’ll be able to install only the smartapps that you need at a given time, and grow from there.

It’s not a big monolythic app but a series of “micro-services” targeted to respond to your needs. MyEcobee device has been optimized with the latest ST mechanisms to avoid timeouts and disconnections (i.e. async polling, caching, minimal use of state variables, etc.).

Later, if you want to add smart vents or other DTHs (i.e. portable heaters/coolers, mini/windows splits, baseboard heaters, etc.), My Ecobee’s ecosystem will be able to grow with you.

P.S. The ecosystem will grow even more pretty soon with new DTHs for more comfort/energy savings. Stay tuned!