[RELEASE] My Ecobee Device V4 with thermostat multi-tile UI (pictures below)

To whom it may concern,

This thread is about My Ecobee device only, and it’s dedicated to the several hundred of ecobee users (550 contributors and counting) who have been using it for their day to day HA interaction through SmartThings for more than 2 years now.

I’ve developed more than 15k lines of code for the ecobee thermostats under ST. It’s the most comprehensive ecobee implementation. There is no other thermostat device that offers this kind of capabilities under SmartThings (compared to Nest, Honeywell Lyric or any other smart thermostats).

If you want to unlock all ecobee’s rich APIs features, this is the device for you!

The code works with all ecobee models: Ecobee3, Smart-SI, Smart-02, and even EMS thermostats.

New upcoming version here:

BTW, for those who are interested in purchasing an ecobee, here is a referral link you can use:


I recently made the following changes to the UI:

- added the thermostat capabilities with simplified thermostat control in the upper section,also
added humidity and thermostatOperatingState values in the section

- There are still the up and down arrows in the bottom section to control the heating/cooling setpoints as I found out that the small arrows in the thermostat multi-tile are not really usable on an iPod for example (or any small screens).

- equipStatus is now displayed in the bottom section. The advantage of equipStatus vs.
thermostatOperatingState is that it gives you all the statuses for all equipment connected
to ecobee (humidifier,dehumidifier, HRV/ERV).

- Removed some weather tiles to keep the essentials ( weather conditions, outdoor humidity
outdoor temperature, weather icon)

- Moved some UI fields to better use the layout available

Here are some screen shots in Farenheit and Celsius:

Look&Feel In Farenheit

Look&Feel In Celsius (fully supported)

Please contact me at services@maisonsecomatiq.com for any questions related to MyEcobee device and its integration with smart vents and any ST connected temp & motion sensors to create heating/cooling zoned solutions…

As a reminder, with my Ecobee device (which is feature complete) and smartapps, you can do the following:

1) Setting your thermostat to Away or Home based on ST hello modes

See the ecobeeChangeMode smartapp.

2) Resuming your program/climate when you’re back home

See the ecobeeResumeProg smartapp.

3) Setting your thermostat to vacation mode

See the ecobeeManageVacation smartapp.

4) Creating/updating your ecobee climates/schedules

See the ecobeeManageClimate smartapp.

5) Setting your ecobee climate/program at a given time

See the ecobeeSetClimate smartapp.

6) Monitoring and setting your indoor humidity level using your humidifer/dehumidifer/HRV/ERV (when connected to ecobee)

It also allows you to use the ecobee’s free cooling feature…

See the MonitorAndSetEcobeeHumidity smartapp and this thread for more details:

7) Monitoring and setting your setpoints based on any ST connected indoor temp/motion sensors (similar to ecobee3’s follow me feature) & outdoor temperature

See the MonitorAndSetEcobeeTemp smartapp., and this thread for more details:

8) Exposing your ecobee3’s remote sensors to SmartThings for HA scenarios

See the ecobee3RemoteSensorInit smartapp.

9) Controlling your smart vents based on your indoor temp/motion sensors in conjunction with your thermostat’s programs & setpoints

See the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp

10) Controlling your minimum fan time per hour during a climate/schedule run

See the ecobeeSetFanMinOnTime smartapp

11) Generating some ecobee HVAC stats on a daily basis and sending them to groveStreams for data analytics

See the following smartapps: ecobeeGenerateStats & groveStreams smartapps

12) Turning off your thermostat(s) when Window or Door contacts are open and restoring your thermostat mode when they are closed

See the WindowOrDoorOpen! smartapp.

13) And many more features, you may want to consult the wiki for more details



- MyEcobee device’s code is fully functional and available now at my store:

- All my smartapps (which only work with MyEcobee device and represent several hundred of hours of development work and testing) are either available for free (for your own usage only) at my github:

You can also find the smartapps under the SmartThingsPublic github repo. If you have the github integration, you just need to select the ecobee apps that you need when you “Update from Repo” (yracine is at the end of the “New - only from github” list).


for a modest contribution at my store.




Hi again,

BTW, after the latest DB and some scheduler changes by ST, the Service Manager (MyEcobeeInit) included in all packages distributed to my contributors, can now be used as the ST backend issues are no longer a showstopper.

The above statement is based on some closed monitoring that I’ve done at multiple contributors’ locations.

The Service Manager is similar to the ST Ecobee Connect smartapp, and it simplifies MyEcobee Device setup.

Refer to the instructions at my github for more details:

Please contact me at services@maisonsecomatiq.com for any questions related to MyEcobee device and its integration with smart vents and any ST connected temp & motion sensors to create heating/cooling zoned solutions…


Wow, great improvement! I love the new layout… Great work!

Thnx, still working on the new layout…:smiley:


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Not sure if this has to do with back end ST stuff but last night I had to re-run the ecobee3RemoteSensorInit as it was no longer checking any of the sensors.

As soon as I ran it they came back, although looking through notifications they don’t seem to be consistant.



Hi Matthew,

If you have any issue with MyEcobee device, please send me an email at services@maisonsecomatiq.com, as it’s easier for me to follow your issues in gmail conversation.

There are still some sporadic issues with the ST scheduler. I had also some scheduling issue this morning at my home.


All good, the interface looks nice, much more intuitive.



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Nice work Yves. Looks great. Thanks!

Just sent an email about updating to the latest version. Ive been out of pocket and may have missed the email with the latest code. Can you assist?

Hi Yves, I’m looking for ecobee3 integration for smartthings. I have the v2 smartthings hub. I noticed you are selling various smartthings apps, but I’m not sure which one I need. I noticed the MyEcobee for $20. Does this one include everything? I noticed a lot of other smartthings apps on your store page, but I don’t know what they are for or if they are even related to ecobee. Thanks

Hi @Odysseus, the $20 device includes the smartapp to expose the ecobee3 remote sensors.

The other smartapps that are related to ecobee are under the github:

The only paid smartapp for the moment is the one that allows you to create zones within your home
using smart vents.

It is called ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule.

The cost of this software is well worth it!

Thnx Kurt!..

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@yvesracine I just installed the new ecobee3RemoteSensorInit (from the $20 device from your site), but when I execute the SmatApp, the 2nd page is blank. I saw that the wiki says:

I executed ecobee3RemoteSensorInit smartapp, but the 2nd page is blank

If you have a blank page in ecobee3RemoteSensorInit or “a unexpected error occurred” while executing the smartapp, please check the following:

Make sure that you have the latest firmware (at least v3.6) as motion sensors are not detected prior to that firmware version.
Make sure that all your remote sensors are actually reporting to the physical thermostat…
In some cases, remote sensors may have some connection issues with your physical thermostat, and the smartapp is not able to detect them.

I am running firmware version and my remote sensors are currently reporting to the thermostat.

Any idea what’s wrong?

Hi @ninjawa,

First, make sure that your ecobee device is connected and operational.

If you press the “refresh” tile, do you any values being updated in the “Recently” tab under your ST app?

The device and smartapp have been running smoothly at many user locations, so there may be something
specific to your location or it’s a temporary ST glitch.

Otherwise, you’d need to activate live logging and PM me your logs.

Please follow the steps described at the ST community wiki for more tracing (troubleshooting section, item 9)`:


Please send me your logs to services@maisonsecomatiq.com as I’m not always in the ST forum. It’s also easier for me to follow any customer issues through gmail conversations.


Hi, my Zoned Heating/Cooling solutions are a good complement to my Ecobee device, and are specifically designed to run well with it.

Refer to this thread for more information:


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Following the new release I sent this weekend, MyEcobee device should be able to run for weeks (and probably for months) without any auth issues (provided that the ST cloud backend is not failing on us) as I’ve implemented some extended watchdog workarounds so that My Service Manager can run despite the current ST scheduler issues.

If it’s not the case at your location, then you may some configuration issues that need to be solved.

I’m personally monitoring many user locations as some of my contributors have also bought some of my support packages at my store (in order to avoid dealing with upgrading to the latest version):

The support packages are available at my store:


These support packages allow the contributors to enjoy MyEcobee device without having to worry about any auth or refreshing issues.

In any case, the instructions provided with the last package sent this weekend should be sufficient for the watchdog configuration.


The new version has been distributed to all contributors.

For those of who have bought the support package, the upgrade has been done for you!



P.S. Thanks to all beta testers: John L. August G., Yann O., Carlo M. Huy N., Kurt S.

What if I had your old version of the ecobee3 how would I clean my smart things to install this newer version?

Hi, you just need to copy and paste the code into the IDE, save & publish.

However, the code for the remote sensors has changed quite a bit, so you would need to uninstall Ecobee3RemoteSensorInit and re-install the code for the smartapp only.

If you have further questions, send an email to services@maisonsecomatiq.com.