[RELEASE] My Ecobee Switch for your ecobee Switch+


I’m happy to announce 1 more new device under ST as part of My Ecobee related ecosystem.

Refer to the ST community wiki for more details:


To download the SmartThings code, go to www.ecomatiqhomes.com/store and choose My Ecobee Bundle which includes the code for My Ecobee device, its remote sensors, ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule (zoned heating/cooling smartapp), and My Ecobee Switch.

I’ve developed more than 15k lines of code for integrating the ecobee devices into ST.

  • The code exposes all the ecobee switch’s relevant (and available) capabilities and attributes:

Screenshot here:

- My Ecobee devices’ unique design is based on a minimum number of state & atomicState variables. See the effect of state variables here:

  • All ecobee capabilities & attributes are exposed for easier integration with Rule Engines (SmartRules, Core or others)

- The SmartThings code unlocks all ecobee’s rich APIs features.

For more details about My Ecobee device and use cases supported, refer to

Or the ST community wiki entry for My Ecobee device:


For more details about my zoned heating/cooling smartapps, refer to:


I must add here that the new My Ecobee Switch can also work under the new Samsung app after you have instantiated it with the ST classic app.


Does it allow you use of the motion sensor?

Hi, My Ecobee Switch will allow it when the proper APIs are available. For the moment, there is no APIs to access the occupancy & temp sensors associated to the ecobee switch+ .

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Will this device handler be able to set the microphoneEnabled setting turn the mic privacy on or off? I don’t think you have that API setting available for the Ecobee4. Could you possibly add it? I’d like to mute the mic on a schedule.

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Hi, do you mean MyEcobee Switch Device handler or MyEcobee (tstat) device handler?

MyEcobee Switch hasn’t had this capability yet as the ecobee APIs don’t allow to change any values related to the switch except its state (on, off).

However, MyEcobee (tstat) device currently supports it with the updateAudio() command.

ex. device.updateAudio(tstatSerial or null for current tstat, playbackVolume [0-100], microphoneEnabled [true,false])

Look at the signature of updateAudio() for more examples.

You just need to download My Ecobee device version 5.9.9.x at my store.


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I’ve created a smartapp for that purpose called ecobeeSetAudio at my github…The smartapp can schedule the updateAudio command on My Ecobee device (tstat) according to different criteria for your ecobee4 thermostat.

You can also manually change the audio setttings by pressing the > icon next to the name of the smartapp under Automation/smartapps.


Thank you Yves for creating this app and for add audio API to the Ecobee device handler.

I have one suggestion/request, could you possibly add some programming that makes the audio settings dependent on Mode?

Also, when using WebCore I do not see the updateAudio() even though I have updated the device handler.

Hi, updateAudio() was added to the list of commands, so you should see it under WebCore. You may have to refresh your cache by changing the device’s type (using the IDE) to a z-wave thermostat and revert the change after. This will clear your cache.


Hi, mode selection was added to the smartapp, just resync at the github.


Thanks so much for everything.

Has anybody been able to mute the Ecobee through the Smartthings or otherwise though the API? When I have tried it has not worked.

Hi, please contact support@ecobee.com as this is a problem on their side of the APIs. I’m sending the right command and the ecobee APIs take note of the new microphone value every time…If it’s not working, they may tell you when a fix is coming for you.