Any issues with ecobee thermostats?

I just noticed today that when I try to change the temp on my ecobees in smartthings it’s not letting me change it. I have my computer room set to 69 but I cant decrease the temp. I’m signed on to ecobee in linked services. I have no issues with controlling my ecobees through their app, seems to be just smartthings.

No issues whatsoever with My ecobee device.

The custom code also allows you to expose some custom capabilities according to the new UI presentation in the Samsung Connect app. See the screenshots at my ST community forum thread. You can change the ecobee comfort settings, the target humidity and view the presence sensor, humidity level, etc…

I’m just using the stock thermostat by smartthings with ecobee because I only have baseboard heating, its not a central air unit. What’s strange is I can control my heat in the ecobee app with no issues but I can decrease the heat in smartthings. Only thing I think I can try is to remove ecobee from linked services & re link it but im not sure that will work. Anyone have any suggestions.

The stock ecobee regularly disconnects from the ecobee APIs as the SmartThings developers haven’t implemented the code to renew the auth tokens with a robust mechanism to avoid disconnects.

You’ll have to redo the login process manually several times a month/year which will break your automation scenarios…

It up to you to decide if it’s acceptable or not.


I deleted the ecobee linked services & reinstalled… still didnt work. I can only increase my temp, not decrease the temp… very strange.

Maybe there is a new issue with the ST stock device… They haven’t made significant changes for the new Samsung platform…

I had to revamp MyEcobee device’s code to be conformed with the new UI presentation…

That’s possible because smartthings is changing everything on their backend without saying anything. Funny thing is no one else has posted anything but I know with all the upkeep you have to constantly do on your end for your apps you would be one of the first people to discover this.

@blake.arnold @SmartThings can someone please help me. Thanks.

@jkp @JDRoberts I’m really at a lost. Any suggestions guys???

I’m sorry, I’m not using ecobee with smartthings. And this forum is just for customers helping other customers, so you won’t usually get official support here.

Did you try the official support channel? I know first line support isn’t always much help, but if it is something that’s affecting other customers, they might know.

I didn’t try that because I know most people on this forum have said support is not very helpful.

I have both the stock and Ecobee Suite Manager installed and no issues so far. And regarding stock, no issues at all since months (if relevant, I am using ecobee/smartthings in EU)

I guess it’s on my end but what the hell could it be?

Have you tried clearing the cache of the app? If you have and that doesn’t work try uninstalling the app and reinstall…be advised you’ll have to rearrange your devices in your rooms after doing this. Doing these 2 things have been known to clear up issues such as yours in the past.

I dis clear the cache but I’ll uninstall the app & see what happens. Thank you.

hope it works

Cross your fingers please I’m trying it now.

Didnt work. I can increase the temp but I cant decrease it. Works fine in ecobee app & amazon, just not smartthings.

The last thing I might suggest would be to delete the integration for a full day and then join again. Mind boggling. Especially since it seems no one else is experiencing the issue. You might also try contacting one of the Smartthings reps on the forum. they’re generally very helpful and far better than contacting support directly. blake.arnold or Brad_ST

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@blake.arnold @Brad_ST can you help please???