Google Home and Ecobee error

does anyone get an error when asking google home to change temperature on ecobee?

Yes… “Can’t be set to that temperature”

Hi @Jonathan_McGuire, @dytkd

I assume that you’re using the ST stock device using ecobeeConnect under Marketspace.

You may have lost your auth tokens as your thermostat is not responsive.

As the ST stock device doesn’t provide good tracing, you’d need to go under the IDE to see what’s going on.

  • Go to live logging: (or whatever shard you’re using)

  • Click at the top of the screen on the Ecobee device

  • Under the ST mobile app, hit the “refresh” tile in the device (to determine if the thermostat can refresh)

  • Look at the trace in the logs under the IDE, if you see, the following exception:

    error Bad Request

This means that you’ve lost your auth tokens, and you need to re-login at ecobee using ecobeeConnect.

The ST stock device is less resilient than the custom ecobee device that I’ve built over the last 3 years and has less features.

Refer to this thread for your “upgrade”:

EDIT: you may have also some issues if you’re using the “auto” mode at your thermostat unit.