Ecobee3 integration with GE Z-Wave ceiling fan control

To move the air between my upstairs and downstairs, I’d love my ceiling fan in the stairwell, which is on a GE Z-Wave ceiling fan control, to turn on or off whenever my ecobee3 starts or stops the HVAC system fan.

Is there a SmartApp for this that I haven’t yet seen? If not, would a clever developer care to write one?

Hi, I have a smartapp called ecobeeStateTriggerHA which allows you to choose an Ecobee’s thermostatOperatingState (ex. Fan Only, Heating, Cooling, etc.) for triggering a switch.

You may want to check it out.

See the documentation here:

It’s available with the github integration along with other “complimentary” smartapps:

N.B.The smartapps only work with My Ecobee device, the most comprehensive & resilient ecobee-ST integration. I ask for a small contribution given the amount of work for design, coding & testing.