Frustrated w/ ST Ecobee integration

Im getting really frustrated with ST integration w/ Ecobee. Its constantly shorting me a degree of temperature. Ive been told that there is a hard coded 5 degree separation between heat and cold, even though this can be changed on the Ecobee. None the less, I only have heat on the Ecobee today. I have a routine set for 73 Heat and 78 Cool. When it executes it says its changing the temp to 73 but nope, its 72. 1 degree matters a lot! This doesnt seem to happen all the time but more often then not. so I cant account for this 1 degree problem.

Another thing I noticed:
I can change the temp on the ecobee and tell ST to refresh and it does not pick up the change. It only seems to pick up the change on its own after a while or IOS app restart.
(OK seems a pull down refresh is not the same as hitting the refresh circle in the stock DTH, you should fix that ST!)

What gives guys? Is it time to use a Custom DTH?

I use this and it’s beautiful:


The best and most comprehensive ecobee integration with ST is here: