Ecobee disconnecting from Smartthings

Third time so far today. I get the push notification that Ecobee has disconnected from Smartthings. I have to go in and re-enter my login info. This happening to anyone else. I’m using the official standard method to connect.

Ecobee chat is unaware of any issues on their end.


That’s one of the reasons why I created My ecobee device (for resilience), but also to add much more features than the stock device.

I ask for a small contribution (the equivalent of few cups of coffee) because of the time spent designing, developing & testing my excellent products (just for ecobee alone, I’ve developed & tested more than 15K lines of code).

There is no other ecobee implementation that leverages all the ecobee APIs under the ST platform. The code allows you to grow as your Home Automation needs grow with more complex requirements (ex. alternative cooling, use of any ST connected temp/motion/contact sensors for setpoint adjustments, zoned Heating/Cooling smartapps with the concepts of rooms/zones/schedules).

See all the complimentary smartapps available at my github provided that you contribute to My Ecobee device:

With My Ecobee device, you just need to install it once, and you can forget about it: My Ecobee device has a unique design which uses as few state variables as possible, hence its resilience against any ST outages. Also, My ecobee device has some advanced queue mechanisms that will re-issue any ecobee commands lost due to some ecobee API outages (over the next hour)… If you’re technical, you’ll understand why resilience is so important.

You don’t need to take my words for it, here are some testimonials of this unique resilience. Some of my contributors have been using it for years without any issues.


That usually happens when ecobee system cannot communicate with smartthings system. It’s beyond your control and no device driver will help. Get in touch with smartthings support, as it might be something at their end.
On the other hand, mine have no issue and I am using this [RELEASE] Free Ecobee Suite, version: 1.5.*

Yes, a good design for the DTHs makes a lot of differences. If your DTH uses a lot of state variables, its reliability will greatly suffer over few days or few weeks.

You may check the ecobee status page if there is a major ecobee outage going on.
There have been more ecobee issues recently as ecobee has been busy with upgrading its APIs since the introduction of the ecobee Switch+ (for example, June 18 and few days before).

You may want to subscribe to the ecobee status reporting at their page to get notifications.

As you can see, there has been no major ecobee issues in the past week…

In the last year, with My ecobee device (and despite the recent ecobee issues), I have not re-entered any login information for my ST account or any of the ST accounts that I personally monitor as part of my support packages.


Thanks for all the info. Good to have an idea what is and isn’t happening on a larger scale.

I just started experience the same with my Ecobee3 and SmartThing Home Hub - disconnect automatically in a few hours, I have to add all the Ecobees and reconnect them after that happens. Were you able to solve your problem? Other suggestions?

I never made any changes, and the problem eventually quit happening. However, I never had to re-add devices, I simply had to re-enter login info. You might want to look into the other device handlers recommended above, but I currently have no need to make a change.