Can I use Ecobee3 to control multiple disconnected zones

The new unit I am moving into has four individual thermostats controlling an electric radiator each. I am not keen on purchasing three new ecobees for this new setup.

I am wondering if anyone has ideas on some less expensive thermostats that I could somehow control based on ecobee settings and motion sensors.

-If ecobee is on, and a room is sensed as occupied, turn on thermostat.

  • If ecobee is off, turn off all generic thermostats
  • Maybe some adjustments based on ecobee home/away modes. I haven’t thought this through yet.


Yes, there is already an app for that. And it’s been used by many of my contributors.

The smartapp can do even more features based on the concept of zones:

  • Control of smart vents to create physical zones
  • Alternative cooling
  • Avg temp calculations based on any ST temp/motion sensors to make adjustment to your ecobee’s setpoints
  • More heat/cool thresholds based on an outdoor temp sensor.


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Thank you very much. Do you recommend a particular z-wave thermostat?

I’m not an expert in Z-wave thermostats as I mainly use ecobee at my home.

Look up for feedback in the ST community forum on the CT-100 and GoControl thermostats.

You can ask @RBoy for any good z-wave thermostats. He’s created good DTH for z-wave thermostats as well!

P.S. EcobeeSetZoneWithSchedule requires MyEcobee device as a prerequisites as it takes advantage of the advanced & comprehensive integration I’ve built with SmartThings. For more details, refer to


Depending on your electric radiator, you may also want to look into the Stelpro. I have it at home to control electric baseboards in my basement and it works very well.

The CT-101 and CT-100 are xcellent thermostats. The stock device handler works well for basic programming if you want some advanced features you can check out the Enhanced Z Wave thermostat device handler.

There is a new z wave plus version of the CT thermostat that’s out that you can purchase from ZooZ @TheSmartestHouse

Thanks for tagging us @RBoy

Here is the link to the new CT100 Plus thermostat:

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Just wanted to thank you all for the input. I have a few projects before I get to this, but I have some ideas now.

Hi @brendonwbrown,

I’ve recently added more features to ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule as posted under my thread:

The smartapp has become even smarter!
To download the code, go to