Latest Tom's guide review: Ecobee4 vs. Nest Gen 3: which smart thermostat wins?


(Yves Racine) #1

And, the winner is…

No matter what’s the best thermostat for you, if you want to leverage it to the max under the ST platform and benefit from the most resilient implementation, you’d need to look into the following custom ecobee and Nest DTHs here:

Whether you choose the Ecobee or the Nest, my implementation above can give
you comfort & energy tips based on your indoor/outdoor conditions at your home. If you use the Ask Alexa app, those tips can be given to you verbally with your Amazon echo/dots.

And, if you have smart vents (Flair, Keen Home, EcoNet, etc.), you can use them to create your own virtual/physical zones at your home:

There are many testimonials under my threads above and below:


(Tony Fleisher) #2

Am I the only one that thinks this post is little more than an infomercial?

(Glen King) #3

Can’t disagree with that assessment, but lotsa folks here are satisfied with his product so I’ll cut him some slack here

Btw Racine, I requested from ecobee that they make the “screen change on motion” action a state change that can be accessed from smartthings. In case you see any value in utilizing the ecobee as a motion sensor within your device handler, perhaps you’d wish to request likewise,