Ecobee - away until I return?

I can currently set my Thermostat to ‘Away’ until next mode change using IFTTT.

Ideally, I would like to set it to Away until I come back. What is the most straightforward way to accomplish this?

Returning is no problem, IFTTT can do that.

Why not just use the presence function in the Ecobee app.

I recently discovered, much to my displeasure that if any third party action changes the Ecobee mode via the API it overrides the Ecobee schedule.

Smart Away takes two hours to work. Also isn’t good if you have a large dog.

I use webcore to change the Ecobee mode and it doesn’t effect the schedule. There are two options under Settings>preferences>Hold Action, you can set the Ecobee to hold changes until you manually change it or until the next scheduled activity.

I use Sandoods Ecobee suite. So it could be a problem in the DTH you are using.

Doesn’t the Ecobee app have a geofence function?

My solution has been to use WebCore and Yves handler for the Ecobee. A little complicated to get the calls right, but once I did, its worked very well.

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WebCore and Ecobee Suite is what I’ve been using. It has worked great for me. I can post a snapshot of the Webcore piston if it helps.

There are more than 90 commands available for Webcore calls.

And, you can easily do this with ecobeeChangeMode and ecobeeResumeProg smartapps which are complimentary smartapps at my github.

My ecobee DTH is available for download at my store.