[RELEASE] Smart Vent Manager - smartapp commissioned by Keen Home

Hi, just use the second DTH posted in the 1st thread. It’s has been designed upon a multi-tile format and does not have this UI issue (the bug was introduced by ST since the latest mobile app release).



Thanks for all your hard work integrating the keen smart vent with smart things. I was wondering is that a way to have the vents close when ecobee is set to heat and open a certain % when ecobee is set to cool. I would really appreciate it thank you.

Hi, see my previous post,

For this kind of features, you’d need to contribute to ScheduleRoomTempControl at my store:


Thanks for your quick reply, so the ScheduleRoomTempControl will allow me to program the vent to close when ecobee is set to heat and open when set to cool?

I do this for some of my vents upstairs, I use the thermostat as the temp sensor and just set the temp threshold to 55F, and the actions work just as you describe.

Hi, ScheduleRoomTempControl can schedule your vents opening and closing and control the vents based on the cooling/heating setpoints.

For more details, refer to the ST community wiki:


There is also ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule with even more features depending on your use cases (check out the configuration section) :


This last smartapp has been designed specifically for the ecobee thermostats (it requires My ecobee DTH) which is the most advanced ST-ecobee Integration and the smartest thermostat under ST:


Hi Dan, what app do you use to do this? Thank you

The Keen smart vent manager smart app that’s in the first post

So I did what you said and set the threshold to 55 degrees, and it does close when I set the heater on but the problem I am facing is that when the thermostat is set back to cool the vents stay closed :confused:

Thank you!

Is the AC actually coming on? The vents do not actually adjust unless the AC or heater is running not just the thermostat being set to heat or cool.


Please refer to the 1st post for the prerequisites and features of this basic smartapp.

EDIT: BTW, my paid smartapps can let you adjust the vents every 5 minutes if needed.


I’m new to ST, so bare with me here.

I live in a house with a separate basement apartment. The thermostat is in the upstairs unit, and the whole house shares forced air heat (no AC). I have Ecobee3 with sensors - but the basement heats up much faster than the upstairs.

I plan to buy Keen vents for just the basement (upstairs will never get too hot as it’s a 100+ year old house with no insulation). I understand all the DTH’s/smartapps I need but I want to know if there is a way to give the basement tenant access to just the basement heat in a user friendly way, but not access to the rest of the ST apps for the house. The Keen app looks good, but would it still work if connected to ST?

The keen Home app only works when the vents are connected to their bridge. You cannot pair the vents to both ST and the Keen Home Bridge.

To my knowledge, under ST, there is no way to let your tenant control her/his own temperature settings as you have only 1 thermostat in the house.

You can however use the ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule smartapp to input a temp delta (+/-) between your upstairs and downstairs zones so that the downstairs zone’ vents would be closed sooner when heating the house.


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I’ve just released new major versions of my zoned heating/cooling solutions (ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule & ScheduleTstatZones v8.0 ) and ScheduleTempControl (v4.0) with the option to create new virtual Zone Devices under ST for easier control of your targeted heating/cooling zones inside your home!!

Here is the new virtual zone UI:

For more details on the zone control possible, refer to the ST community wiki (sections look and feel and configuration):


The new code can be downloaded at my store:



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The new versions of my zoned heating/cooling smartapps (ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule v8.0.3, ScheduleTstatZones v8.0.3, ScheduleRoomTempControl v4.0.3) provide the following new features:

  • They can now process the motion events in real time (according to your sensor’s refresh rate) for your virtual zone(s)
  • You can now set a delay in seconds before setting the vents when your HVAC is running (heating,cooling, fan only).

You can download the new versions at my store:


P.S. The new versions have been distributed to all my active contributors.

I have setup the Smart Vent Manager app and it all seems to be working well. I am using a Nest thermostat and I have eight rooms with Keen smart vents and a temp sensor in seven of the rooms. The eighth room uses the Nest thermostat s its temp sensor.
One question I have is that even though a specific room is falling below its threshold, (for example, the room is getting colder that the threshold value), the app doesn’t trigger the thermostat to initiate the HVAC system to start up. Is this correct? Only when the room where the thermostat is located gets cold enough to trigger the thermostat does the HVAC heating start up.
Also, I am getting some errors that I hope you can help out with. The errors I am getting are:

Nest Manager API CMD Failed:
The (Device Poll async) CMD sent to the API has failed.
Status Code: 429

Nest Manager API Issue Warning:
Your API connection is currently being Rate-limited for excessive commands.

Thanks and great app!



Those issues are related to the Nst Manager, not my smartapp. Please contact the Nst Manager’s author
to solve those issues.

As far as my smartapp is concerned, it will not trigger your HVAC as this basic smartapp does not allow to control your setpoints, only your vents.

If you want to control your vents AND your setpoints, you’d need to contribute to one of my zoned heating/cooling smartapps at my store (as indicated in my previous posts to you).


Looks like I am going to go with your ScheduleTstatZones. Gives me the flexibility to control the vents AND control the thermostat set point.

Do you have your own Nest thermostat DTH or do you recommend one to use?


No, I don’t have a Nest at home, I prefer the ecobee as its features & APIs are more complete.

There used to be different custom Nest DTHs, but nowadays, only the NST manager is supported.

I’ve heard however that ST is working on stock device, but it could take months before it’s available.


Using this Smart Vent Manager, how often do you adjust the vents? I know that the adjusting is only done when the thermostat is actually heating or cooling, but do you continually adjust the vents while the HVAC is not idle? For example, if I have a threshold in a room that is higher than the room temperature, when the HVAC comes on, the vent will open. My question is, if the room temperature reaches the threshold for that room, and is still running, will this app close the vent in that room, since it already reached is temperature threshold? I am hoping, and assume it does since once a room hits its threshold, and the HVAC is still running, if the vent is left open, that room would get very warm, or cool, until the HVAC goes idle.

How often do you poll the room temperature(s) to adjust the room vent(s) when the HVAC is running?