Ecobee not updating status

I just noticed that my ecobee stopped updating status if changes are made on device or ecobee app. It does make changes on device and ecobee app is updated, if changes are made in ST app.
Looks like there is no bidirectional connection. This is the official integration.
Does anyone else experience this?

Just got updated. It takes 5-10 minutes to update ST status from ecobee. Use to be instant. It is instant update from ST to ecobee.

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Hi, please check

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@yvesracine There was issue last night, through this morning, that even ecobee app was showing no ecobee device, with option to add one. That one is resolved.
This is different issue, that shows delay of 3-4 minutes for updates to come (if they come at all) to ecobee ST details page.
Any physical change I make on ecobee thermostat, or ecobee app or on ST app, happens instantly on the thermostat. However ST ecobee details page doesn’t update instantly (there is 3-4 minutes delay, or some times it doesn’t update at all) thermostat status if changes are made outside of ST app. I have Automations that are happening and i can see updated status on actual thermostat, but no change on ST details page
Something is going on, on SmartThings side.
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Hi, I haven’t noticed any delays with My ecobee device (custom integration). The polling interval can be set to every minute if needed.


Right now, the Schema integration with ecobee has been “soft launched,” meaning users who newly link (or delete and re-link) the ecobee service to SmartThings will use the Schema version.

The Groovy version still exists and will until a migration occurs and all users are moved from the Groovy version to the Schema version. There is no ETA for this that I’m aware of.

The Schema version and Groovy version both poll for status versus receiving what is called a “callback” from ecobee. The rate at which we poll ecobee is every 6 minutes for either integration option.

If you’re missing events, we’d definitely like to look into that and I’d recommend you contact Support so we can review what’s happening for any issue. Hope this helps explain a bit more, let me know if there’s anything else I can help out with.


@garrett.kranz thank you for explaining. That’s probably it, as latency is up to 6 minutes, as i was measuring this morning, with range from 1-2 seconds, most of the time 3-4 minutes, and sometimes 6 to 7 minutes.
Thank you.
Is there anyway, that we could have settings for pulling time?

No, but I’ve been told they intend to offer “callbacks” meaning more or less instant updates from both sides in the future. I’ll try and follow up once that happens, but seems like you’ll probably notice as well :slight_smile:

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