My 2 ecobee devices have both gone offline?

I have 2 ecobee thermostats connected to my v3 Aeotec hub and they have both gone offline. I have reset my hub but that did not resolve anything. The ecobees still function fine through their app. I also have a zigbee doorlock that has also has gone offline. Any suggestions on how to resolve? Thanks.

Log in again. Go and add ecobee again. It will fix it

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Thanks, all working now.

Just to add to this, ecobee experienced an outage last week that kicked off this issue. I lost my SmartThings/ecobee connection Friday.

Somehow I never lost my connection through Home Assistant, but even lost the ecobee app connection.

Are you using the local Homekit controller integration? Mine is local and worked through all of the API issues. Worth a try if you haven’t looked at it.


There is a more resilient & comprehensive ecobee integration available which can overcome those connection issues that happen from time to time with ecobee.

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Next time, don’t bother resetting your SmartThings hub. Ecobee is connected via the cloud. As others said, ecobee had login issues. You can keep track of their frequent issues at


Nope. Using the one where you obtain an API key. Forgot all about the Homekit option until after I had setup the alternative version.

You can use both simultaneously. You don’t get a lot of the control that the cloud-based one gives you, but you can set temps and mode locally (immediately) and see temps/humidity, etc.

Local always and forever as much as possible!

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