*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] FLAIR DEVICES with new capabilities for building physical zones in your home and controlling your mini/window splits, portable heaters/coolers

@yvesracine I’m trying to figure out if i need both the puck and hvac device handlers.

I have one puck that is sending IR commands to a window a/c.

If I get the puck device handler, I can use it as a temp sensor in ST and I can change the puck’s temp setpoint, which will then change the temp setpoint on my window a/c. Do I have that right?

What would the hvac device handler add in this case? Do I need the hvac dth to turn the a/c on and off? Or can the puck handler do that?

@marktheknife, the HVAC device is required to turn on/off the HVAC unit, to change the setpoint at the unit, to change the mode (heat,cool, fan, dry), to change the fan speed (low, medium, high), to change the swing mode (off, on, top)…

The puck can change the room’s setpoint only.

My zoned heating/cooling smartapps have been designed to control the HVAC unit in a smart way. For example, as a zone/room thermostat, ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule & ScheduleTstatZones can automatically choose the right fan speed depending on the temp differential in the zone and turn off the unit when it’s not part of the schedule zones for the period of the day or when a specific room is not occupied (customizable options).


Hmm, ok. So it sounds like I need the hvac dth. In my case I’m not sure if the puck dth would do much for me? I only have one room, one puck, and one hvac device (with no vents). So I don’t need to set the room’s temp setpoint. Or is the puck handler required for the integration because the a/c is getting the IR commands from the puck?


I’ve created some flair bundles at my store. The HVAC unit bundle includes the puck device. The puck device allows you to control the Flair structure globally, i.e., the different flair modes (manual/auto, setpoint mode, Home Away mode, Away mode)…


I see thanks. I checked out your store a week or two ago after your announcement on the flair forum. I remembered a puck only option but must have assumed there was an hvac only option; I see now imrhe hvac dth is bundled with the puck dth.

Sorry for all the questions, I haven’t purchased anything from your store before.

Am I understanding the terms at the bottom correctly that the purchase does not include any future updates to the device handlers?

It does if you follow the update procedure…

Refer to my Ecobee thread, some of my contributors have received minor updates for the last 3 years…

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Meaning an extra purchase of a support package or a positive review here, right?

I guess I’m just worried that because Flair’s own system seems to be a total sh*tshow since they started shipping their products to the bulk of users in august, that some major change could end up being necessary in the near future.

Well, with the Flair APIs and my ST integration, you won’t be as dependent on the Flair automations for sure… That’s all I can tell you…

BTW, most of my Ecobee contributors were quite happy to give me positive reviews or “liked” my thread…


OK thanks. I’m still working with flair to try to get an IR code issue with my a/c worked out. If they can do that, I’ll probably give your device a try.

Thanks for creating this integration.

Nicely done…and with Ask Alexa integration to boot!


Hey @yvesracine ,
Thank you for the hard work, I will most probably buy your Flair package very soon.
I received my pucks and vents almost 2 months ago now but I have never been able to really test them since the whole automation has been disabled as well as their API. Have you been luckier than I and able to run some more test on these devices ? Are you confident on the reliability of their hardware, API and servers.

EDIT: From what I can read on the Flair forum now (How did I missed all these messages before?!?) it looks like you had some good test with their API. Any feedback here from your POV on the flair reliability is still be good to take :wink:

Yes, I have been able to use my devices in a reliable way with the Flair APIs.

There is also fisheromega that has been using My ecobee and my Flair devices with ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule to control the vents.

See his post at the Flair community forum:




Hi Yves,
I have 1 question about the Flair Tstat. From what I understand this is a way to control from smarthings the thermostat linked to my flair account.
Since I already have my ecobee thermostat in smartthings directly (I am using your MyEcobee bundle), I shouldn’t need the Flair Tstat, am I right ?
Thank you

Can someone please explain what flair Is? I have success units for air, but they also do heat & can act as a dehumidifier. I did check the flair website & they have my ductless listed…it’s dakin. I don’t have any smart thermostats because as far as i.know I can’t combine the air & heat. What can I do.with flair?

Yes, you’re correct. The Flair Tstat can be only used as a sensor for the moment (not an actuator).

My ecobee device has already all the capabilities required to control the thermostat (and more).


Hi, with the Flair Puck (HW) and my Puck and HVAC devices, you can probably control your unit under SmartThings (as Dailkin is a major brand, and Flair covers about 250 brands).

Under ST, My HVAC unit device can be used to turn on/off the device, change the mode (heat,cool, fan, dry), to change the fan speed (low, medium, high), to change the swing mode (off, on, top)… Whatever you can do with your remote via IR is probably supported by Flair through the Puck hardware.

However, I cannot certify that your specific model can be controlled via Flair and IR.

I’d recommend to contact Flair directly or through the forum.


For more details on My HVAC unit under ST (capabilities/commands available), refer to the ST community wiki:



Hi, I’ve just released a new version of My HVACUnit DTH (v1.0g) which allows you to control most portable heaters/coolers & window/split unit using the Flair Puck (HW) and IR.

The new version includes the standard ST supportedThermostaModes & supportedThermostatFanModes attributes according to the ST thermostat capabilities. The new attributes are based on the Flair constraints attributes linked to any unit controlled by IR via Flair.

The new version is available at my store:


For more details, refer to the ST community wiki:


Hi, the latest version (v7.8.1) of my zoned heating/cooling smartapps (ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule, ScheduleTstatZones) now include the logic to set the desired Temp at the Puck for the scheduled zone(s) inside the smartapps.

Here is the new virtual zone UI:

You can download the code at my store.



How do I change the temp for a single room that has a Flair vent and a Ecobee Sensor?


Refer to the list of commands in MyFlairVent device:


You can use the command “setRoomSetpoint”


EDIT: This command can be used in any rule engine (CoRE, webCoRE) of your choice or in your own smartapp. However, if your question is about ecobeeSetZoneWithSchedule, then you can use its associated Puck to set a specific room’s setpoint.