Ecobee3 Sensor Question

So I paired my Ecobee3 with 1 remote sensor. I didn’t do anything special, so I’m assuming I’m using the Generic SmartThings DH.

The Motion Sensor for the Remote sensor shows up, but the motion sensor for the Main unit does not.

Is this something I missed, or is that just the way the Stock DH works?

I would really like for the Motion Sensor in the Main unit to show up.

Your saying that you see the remote motion sensor in your SmartThings App? You see this as a what?

Hi, that’s the way the stock DTH works…

If you want to expose your main remote sensor, My ecobee DTH can do it (amongst other features). It can expose the main sensor’s temp and motion capabilities (apart from the thermostat itself) as a separate device:


A motion sensor. Smart home monitor picks it up.

That’s why I never noticed. I don’t use SMH for anything.