Ecobee3 remote sensors or different setup for babies room?

The remote sensor won’t have individual control over each room. Have you looked into Keen vents?

As far as control what do you mean? Just trying to monitor in those rooms and be able to adjust temp settings so AC will run. Not trying to control flow.

Was going to love stay out of master but then it will run forever, remote temp sense seem smarter.

If you just want to monitor each room then the sensors would work for you. To bring down the temperature in a hot room the A/C would have to be on therefore cooling all rooms that the A/C supplies so some rooms would be cooler than others. If you wanted to have the rooms individually adjust as needed then the keen vents could help.

Can the sensors turn on and off ac zone to provide airflow? Pretty much want to duplicate the ecobee3 but have automation to other stuff for future.

Vents would be cool eventually!

I have a Nest so I’m not sure what all the ecobee sensors are capable of. If I read it right, a sensor could be used as an extension of the ecobee. If a room is too hot or cold the sensor would turn on the A/C unit but that would affect all the rooms in an attempt to cool off one room.

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Also is Emerson sensi compatible? Seems like if I get the 2Gig CT100 I can get both thermostats, 2 remote temp sensors and ST hub for $50 more than EB3.

I have an Ecobee3 here’s my opinion.
Like previously stated you can control temperature of the WHOLE house using various sensors. The thermostat can be configured to average which sensors you want and which to use in each mode.

If you want to direct more or less air to different vents. Then you need to look into Keen vents option.

If you want more control and more options when using your Ecobee3 rhen you should look at @yvesracine DTH and Smart Apps. They can utilize Keen vents, and help control the thermostat using various inputs. I highly recommend it! I have been using it from the day I got my thermostat.

Here is a discussion about his latest version:

[RELEASE] Resilient - My Ecobee Device & ecosystem v5 - The smartest thermostat under ST with new "comfort tips" features and Unique Integration with Echo/Ask Alexa

It will serve as a good starting point to get you more information and link’s to his software. He is very helpful and will answer any questions you might have in the various discussions of his software.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, currently just want to add ST with a 2Gig CT100 stat up and downstairs then add 2 remote sensors for kids rooms upstairs so air will kick on and circulate.i may do vents in future but for now I’m happy with just getting air moving.

Will I be able to label the remote sensors for each room?

To add a little more info. You house sounds similar to mine. Story and 1/2 style. My upstairs gets very warm VS the downstairs. My thermostat is downstairs as is my air intake. I tried to manually cool upstairs more by closing down downstairs vents to force more air upstairs and theoretically create draft down to balance temperature. Didn’t really work for me. We ended up putting small window AC unit upstairs to keep temperature down in the biggest room up there. It helped and I believe helped my main AC unit in the end.
I’m new to smartthings so have never tried Keen vents or anything like that yet.

You should search the forums for that thermostat. People using devices tend to hang out in the topics on those devices. Since I don’t have that I don’t know where to direct you without searching myself.

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I have an idea that might work without using Keen vents. You want air circulation in those rooms. Get a smart outlet and plug in a fan in for those rooms. When the sensor shows its getting warm, turn on the outlet which would turn on the fan. You can even control a ceiling fan the same way. It won’t change the actual temps in individual rooms but you mentioned you just wanted to get the air flowing. Use CoRe to trigger a piston to turn on a fan when the sensor temp is high. Just an idea.

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Ceiling fans run 24/7 along with stand alone fan. Gotta love 90-100* heat! Lol

Not really, :sunny: but alot of people have to deal with it. Of course some of us will be grumbling soon enough about snow.

I read your original post again. I’m sure it’s a stupid question but how does 2 thermostats work with 1 AC/heat unit?? Just curiosity, hoping someone can give readers digest explaination.

Dual zone setup, which what I have to look into if I decide to add a c wire to both stats,

So then, when the “zoned” system senses it’s hotter upstairs. Should it not open that main damper so when it’s cooler downstairs that main damper closes. Thus forcing more cold air upstairs?
So even with this your still having the big temperature differential?

Sorry just picking your brain / experience for my own curiosity. If your tired of it just say so.

According to the Keen vents newsletter I have been getting, they are working on a direct Ecobee integration.

Yes, rooms in front get sun all day. I closed that master vent 90% to try and even out. I know AC guys can install dampers but summer is almost over!

Since I need upstairs/downstairs stats if I go the hub route, kinda of steering away from the ecobee3 due to $250/each plus 2 sensors.

Thanks for bearing with my questions. So same results I had when trying to manually close downstairs dampers.

So if your not going to use the zoned / dampers function. Would you still need 2 thermostats? Could it save money and time / effort trying to get a C wire upstairs?

We do use the downstairs stat to keep in comfortable down there and up for nap time and night while sleeping. I feel like the ct100 and adds wire if I get sick of batteries may be a good start to a smart house. The keen vents would be awesome next summer!

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