Help with ecobee sensor error message in logs auth token expired

Im noticing this error in the log for the ecobee sensor

 7:27:19 AM: error groovy.lang.StringWriterIOException: Stream closed @line 840 (refreshAuthToken)
7:27:18 AM: debug Refreshing your auth_token!
7:27:18 AM: error HttpResponseException 500 polling ecobee devices returned [status:[message:Authentication token has expired. Refresh your tokens. , code:14]]

This happens every time I hit refresh on the ecobee sensor in the ST app, and it seems stuck on “mption detected” when the ecobee app and Tstat say unoccupied. No one has even been home for over 2 hours.

Im not sure if its related to the ecobee code Ive started using or if it was always there, Im new to using the IDE.

Thanks for any assistance you can lend!

You may want to post in the developers thread and that way he will be notified of your post…

Those error messages don’t come from My Ecobee device as they don’t follow my standards. The error messages probably come from the stock ST device (Ecobee Connect).

FYI, there were some ecobee API timeout issues yesterday, and they should be resolved by now. My code will recover any timeout issues that don’t last more than 24 hrs. This is not related to my code per se, but the connection between ST and ecobee.



Ive been unable to remove ecobee connect as the instructions requested, I keep getting “an unexpected error has occurred” so I went ahead and installed the new code anyway.

I guess ST support will have to remove it for me.

You need to unselect your ecobee sensors and tstat(s) in all smartapps before trying to remove
any devices.

This is a standard behavior for all devices under ST.

P.S. In the future, please don’t post any ST logs in the ST community forum as they may contain sensitive info about your location (ex. tstat serial number).



I did remove the sensor and tstat from Ecobee connect prior to trying to delete the smartapp.

Did I understand you to say that I needed to remove the tstat and sensor from ALL smart apps in order to delete one? (including apps other than the one Im trying to delete)

Yes, all your smartapps should not refer to your devices anymore in order to delete them.

Hi @lizardkng, could you change the title of this thread, as the errors you’ve experienced were not due to My Ecobee’s code, but the ST stock device (this may be confusing for ecobee users out there).