*** No longer supported *** [RELEASE] Resilient My Ecobee Devices and ecosystem V6- migrated to custom capabilities & automation (presence, comfort settings, and more)!

Hi, you have probably some issues with your github integration. I don’t experience any problems on my side.

Please consult this thread:


Indeed, I did have a REPO with my own name, which is odd - but either way when that was removed I was able to get the update menu to work. That said, I still get no colors - but that may be for another day!

What does Status -> Edited mean after an update?


Hi, after you update your repo, any smartapp that has been updated will be shown with the ‘edited’ status.

You need to click on the smartapp and publish for you in order to accept the changes.

Makes total sense, thanks!

Access to the ecobee remote sensors is the best. Triggering with IFTTT based off those ecobee remote sensors is just pure joy of home automation with Smartthings.

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If you aren’t using the device handler you should be. It’s really night and day better than stock. I did write my own coRE pistons in place of a few of the programs becuase I wanted a bit more control but I love the handler.

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Just picked up a couple of ecobees a few weeks ago and knew that I needed this handler and app. Everything has been working great. Thanks for the great app.

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Like many early adopters I was reliant on the extended capabilities of yracine’s ecobee DH, but frustrated with the constant loss of connection between ST and ecobee. Finally, I had enough and moved back to the ST native DH.

Fast forward a half a year or so… I upgraded to the ecobee 3 and went in search of yracine’s most up-to-date DH to see if the connection issues were any different with the ecobee3. Much to my surprise, yracine had begun to charge for his work. I weighed the options for a month or so, and the largest hurdle was worrying that I would pay for something that still had the same connection issues (the access to the full api and his other SAs are worth the price alone, but I was not sure if I could deal with the same connection issues that drove me away previously).

Considering that I had both donated and was allowed to use some of his code in an early ecobee/alexa SA I contributed to the ST community, I figured he would either be the same awesome guy willing to work with me, or would refund my money.

So I went for it, ponied up the money and bought the latest and greatest DH and SA (still myecobee and ecobeeinit respectively). I was extremely pleased that the connection issues were completely resolved and I was able to go back to being able to leverage the entire ecobee API through his DT and various SAs.

It was money well spent (and deserved, trust me… I spent many hours on my early ecobee/alexa SA and it takes up ALOT of personal time). My only wish is that the communication issues were resolved earlier and I had never left.

Point is, to anyone hesitant on spending more money on top of the hundreds already spent on ecobee and ST, don’t be. Yracine’s DT and SAs will save you twice that if you spend the time to set everything up correctly.

Keep up the great work Yves and, in the near future I hope I decide to take on another extremely time consuming project for the benefit of the community that will allow me to work with you (even in the most minimal capacity). Na zdrowie!


Many of the Ecobee3 apps that I tried kept losing authentication, often with no indication. Yves worked tirelessly on finding a solution and I can say that his app has made that issue a thing of the past. It’s like that famous battery bunny, it just keeps on working! Great app Yves!

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I’m new to Yves DTH and Smart Apps. He’s been very patient and helpful guiding me to get it set up. It just works! If you want to marry your Ecobee3 to Smart Things this is the software to make it work at it’s peak.
Worth the money!!!

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Added a SmartThings hub to my Ecobee recently and was underwhelmed with it’s poor ability to leverage the many functions of my already complex Ecobee scheduling. The simple trigger Yves has in here to pair Ecobee modes with Smart Things mode changes was enough to make his app worth it for me, but there are many additional functions that I’m already making heavy use of.

And then I had problems with one of the sensor apps, which I was using to disable the HVAC if the windows are opened. Within an hour of e-mailing him application logs, he had sent me a beta version of that specific application which fixed the issue. Wonderful support for already impressive applications


I use Yves smartapps and devices for my Ecobee and smart vents. House is much more comfortable. Yves updates constantly and is always improving. Highly recommended.

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I donated $50 to Yves in April of 2015 because I thought this SmartApp was innovative and wanted to encourage these types of community-driven efforts. Since then Yves has had many improvements as well as going to great lengths to compensate for platform based issues with the official integration between SmartThings and Ecobee. As a part of that work I donated a further $25 because again I was impressed by his frequency/quality of contribution to the community. However, through no fault of his own, I stopped using the app as frequently simply because of the continued SmartThings platform integration issues. The automation benefits simply weren’t worth babysitting the app to correct the platform issues. Despite my decreased usage, I still valued my donations, as their intent of encouraging community developers was accomplished.

Around the same time of my second donation, Yves decided to take the app commercial. The freedom to make that decision is something I strongly support, and do one day hope to see SmartThings provide a better, standardized marketplace for such developers. Making it easier to interact with SmartApp/DTH customers. Graciously I was added to the list of “purchasers” based on my previous donations. However I would’ve been fine, were that not the case, as like I said my intent was a donation. If he took the code down the very next day it would still be money will spent, supporting his previous efforts.

Thus despite my lack of use of the app I continued to get notifications of updates for all the hard work Yves is doing. A few days ago though I got an “opt-in” email, basically asking for a reply if interested in continued updates. I replied affirmatively, as while not actively using the code, SmartThings may get to a point where I’d trust this integration again for automation purposes… Today I got a second request that further code updates would require a like or positive review on this post and to reply back with my SmartThings handle for linking my email for updates to my SmartThings forum requested activity.

While I absolutely understand a developer’s desire for positive reviews/likes from their applications’ users in order to sell said application to more users, I’m not a huge fan of making it a compulsory act for continued updates. If a “subscription” based model is going to be required for application updates (be it in the form of continued compensation, or user provided marketing), I’d prefer to see that stated up-front. Granted I have no TOS or SLA with Yves, he is free to do whatever he wishes. I still value the $75 donations I’ve made to support his prior efforts, and will not be offended by the lack of future application updates as no promises were made to that extent. I just figure the consumer is best served by having visibility to the fact that, as of this moment, future application updates for users not under a purchased support contract is contingent on some form of positive interaction with this thread (a like, or positive review), as well as notification to him linking the email used for code distribution to a SmartThings handle presumably for said interaction verification.

As far as an actual review, I will say when I used the code, and the platform integrations were functioning, It was pretty cool and imho worth the current store price.


@scottalex, thnx for your contributions, it’s been really appreciated.

So far (before release V5), I was sending regular updates to a lot of people and my distribution list was somewhat not up to date.

There were a lot of email bounces, and I was not sure anymore who ‘really’ wanted to have updates anymore.

Some people were complaining that I was “spamming” them. So I decided to “clean” my distribution list a bit.

When people contribute to my solutions, they are contributing for the work I’ve done so far, not necessarily for future updates (as you said it yourself).

In order to get future minor updates, they can subscribe to my support packages or “like” my thread as a ‘free update subscription’.

I will then be sure to send updates to the right people… Without any official ST appStore, as you may know, updates are costly in time and resources.


EDIT: The terms of service have been updated at my store.


Absolutely I just wanted there to be full disclosure of said request as a condition of future updates on this thread since it wasn’t mentioned either here or at your store. IMO, its kinda the same thing as when a reviewer discloses a manufacturer discount on Amazon as a condition of their review. Either way, keep up the good work.



I am getting this error:

e09e24d4-1d54-4a83-89a6-6c1a93d055f2 7:57:32 AM: error groovy.lang.MissingMethodException: No signature of method: physicalgraph.device.CommandService.executeAction() is applicable for argument types: (physicalgraph.device.cache.DeviceDTO, java.lang.Boolean) values: [Thermostat, true]
Possible solutions: executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, java.lang.String), executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, java.util.List), executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, physicalgraph.device.HubAction), executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, physicalgraph.device.HubMultiAction), executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, physicalgraph.device.ParallelAction), executeAction(physicalgraph.device.IDevice, physicalgraph.device.RestAction) @ line 193

Just wondering what my actions should be? Reinstall Ecobeeinit or the DTH?? I tried running Ecobeeinit smart app again and the error came back.

Hi @TN_Oldman, this exception is thrown by the ST backend from time to time. It doesn’t seem to negatively impact the operations of the DTH. It’s an old ST problem that has not been fixed yet.

Refer to the troubleshooting section of the ST community wiki for more details (item 12, last one):



P.S. If you have any issue with My Ecobee device, please contact me via email at services@maisonsecomatiq.com. It’s easier for me to keep track of any customer context & issues through gmail conversations.

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Okay, I will do that from now on. Thanks for the quick response.

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Thank you for the easy integration! Works way better than the remote sensors for seeing if the house is occupied!
The app is amazing and would recommend anyone to pay the minimum of $20USD for it.

Question: How easy would it be to tie in area weather into the temperature settings?

For instance, in the summer our temperature ranges daily, some days it’s ~30°C, others it’s 21°C. I would love that when its above 23°C outside to auto set my temperatures during the daytime (when I’m at work) to keep the house cooler, so the AC won’t have to try and keep up when I arrive home.

Maybe that’s too much…PM me.

Thank you very much.

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Hi @hungryhippo13,

Refer to the beginning of this thread and the following thread for more details about the smartapps available with My Ecobee device:

[RELEASE] New version of my zoned Heating/Cooling Solutions

There is an app for almost everyting!