ST not recognizing Ecobee4

If you use the ST classic app, you can install a custom DTH that will unlock all ecobee features & commands.

For example, you can control the sound level of your ecobee and even get personalized comfort & energy tips according to the outdoor/indoor conditions at your home.

There are many complimentary smartapps at my github that allow you to leverage your ecobee under the SmartThings platform to the max. The code has been tested by thousands of ST users for more than 5 years now… So, you can install it once and forget about it… It just works…

No other ecobee implementation (and not the ST stock device) can do all those features. My Ecobee Device is also more resilient due to its unique design which doesn’t use many state variables and is able to replay failed commands in the next hour window after a ST/ecobee outage.

For more details, please refer to my thread.

You can also use my zoning smartapps later to only cool/heat some targeted zone(s) in your home for more comfort /energy savings with some smart vents (optional) based on the powerful concepts of rooms/zones/schedules

To download the code, go to