Hello, First time setup here, I managed to get everything working, I can run the service simulator and get a response, however when I check my logs on the hub I see the following:

postEventToEndpoint: Error while trying to post event back to Amazon groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Unauthorized

Any idea what is causing this and how to fix it? It’s on every command being done by askAlexa. OAuth is enabled.

Second, I have several Echo Dots and an Echo, how can I get them added into askAlexa to be able to select an echo device within askAlexa? Thank you.



When you say you managed to get everything working, do you mean that you are able to do voice commands? Why are you only running the simulator? If the voice commands don’t work on the device then it is not working and we need to start with that.

Let me know what exactly you mean in terms of ‘working’. I would start by doing this:

Alexa, open smart things…does that work?
If so, give a command to a light…does that work?

If not, what are the verbal errors you hear?

Yes, I can give it commands and it turns on and off lights no problem. I want to use Alexa natively with my devices to turn stuff on and off, I was hoping to use askAlexa for reporting and status updates primarily on devices. I don’t have any verbal errors just the one I showed which shows up in the smartthings log. I was hoping to use this to get a battery report of my battery operated devices along with the tips from my ecobee thermostat and various other reports, however I’m finding it difficult to get Alexa to tell me what I want to hear.

I created 2 message queues, one called battery, and another called Weather. When I ask Alexa to tell me my daily weather report (which is what I called the report), I get a report which is pretty lengthy. I created a second report to the same queue called “tomorrows weather report” but it won’t read it back. It fails with no error, just acts like there’s no data. I setup a Battery report to a battery message queue for which I thought when I asked it for a battery report but it just tells me I have a report called “Battery”.

I re-ran my ecobeeinit and turned on the tips for my Ecobee 4 for askAlexa but I’m not sure how to get them to play (right phrase)?

Thanks for any tips / tricks / help you could provide. I also have my install working with WebCore as I managed to create virtual switches which I am using with WebCore to use Alexa to turn on and off light switches that are motion activated to keep them on and ignore the motion.

Ok…good…I am glad you have this working.

Regarding your first question (let’s take these one at a time):

So you are running a weather report from Ask Alexa? How are you invoking that? Is it something like “Alexa, Ask Smart Things to play {report name}” ? If you are getting no output from the speakers, is the live logging (in ST’s IDE) showing any error? Make sure you filter for Ask Alexa. Did you update the Amazon Developer’s slots with the name of your report?

Without knowing what is in your report or what you are saying (or what the log is saying) I am kind of shooting in the dark here. Can you provide a bit more information?

Just trying what you mention, here is what I found. First, you probably need to rename your report from “weather” to something else. “Weather”, by itself is a reserved word so you will come up with some confusion in Ask Alexa by using that word. I created a report called “Tomorrows Weather” and that worked.(but I strongly recommend removing weather from any title):

And here is the output from Ask Alexa:

I also changed the name to Tomorrows Weather Report. Again, ran into a bit of difficulty because ‘weather’ is used in the name. However, I did get results:

Regarding the Ecobee integration., I can’t help much with that as I don’t have one of those units. Are you using the DTH from @yvesracine. That is the only one that supports the tips…the native Ecobee does not as I understand it.


If you have My Ecobee device installed and running, all you need to do to get the comfort & energy savings tips is documented here:


as indicated at the top of my thread:


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Thanks for the replies… any idea why I am seeing this in my smartthings log everytime a command is invoked?

postEventToEndpoint: Error while trying to post event back to Amazon groovyx.net.http.HttpResponseException: Unauthorized

Can you post a screenshot? My bet is that is NOT coming from Ask Alexa. Sounds like the native integration. Can you verify that? Filter the results by the names at the top of the Live Logging screen similar to what I posted above.


Sorry, I forgot to filter. Looks like you’re right.

How can I fix this?

Not sure…I just checked mine and I am not getting that. Is your native integration working? If not, I would de-register SmartThings and re-register.

Please note there was a big outage today at Amazon…there may still be some fall out from that. If it continues until Monday I would break the link between SmartThings and Amazon, then redo the link (register ST with Amazon).

Yes, native integration is working just fine. Scratching my head on this one!

I had to disconnect Native Alexa and add it back in, that error has gone away. Thanks for helping me figure that out! Now I’m working on setting up all my reports and will re-update my lambda and developer code. I did all that before I fully set everything last night.

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@MichaelS I’m hoping you can help me out. I’m trying to start over with Ask Alexa and want to try using the community installer this time. I’d deleted all the child apps and main smartapp but the message queue won’t even allow me to get into it for deleting - not in the IDE or SmartThings app. I just realized for some reason every tine I try opening the message queue it’s adding another entry in the automations tab. Any suggestion how I can fix this? I want to have the old version completely gone before installing the new version.

Wow…I have never seen that…Those should not even show up in your SmartApps area.

Anyway, if you are looking to get rid of them all (and can’t use the main Ask Alexa program to do it), is go into the IDE, go to My Locations, then SmartApps. From there, click the ‘Edit’ button at the top right and you can then uninstall any app you’d like.

Let me know if that works and if you need assistance getting Ask Alexa up and running again.

I got AskAlexa successfully (I think) installed. But, she will give me the status of switches, but she will not give me the status of open/close sensors, for example. If I say “Alexa, ask home about garage door” she’ll say “There are no doors setup within your AskAlexa app.” or if I say “Alexa, ask home about Jacob’s room.” she’ll say “I didn’t understand what you wanted information about.” But if I ask her to give me a list of all open and close sensors, she’ll list of these things — yet they do not appear in the “Device Type List” in Amazon Developer. What gives?

There could be a couple things…first, where is ‘garage door’ in your list of items? It SHOULD be in the open/closed sensors. Correct? If so, it should be in the LIST_OF_DEVICES that you put in your developers slots. If you don’t see it there, that is the first thing I would troubleshoot. I just checked it in mine and they do show up.

Let me know if they show up in your LIST_OF_DEVICES.

There are other things that it can be, but let’s eliminate them one at a time.

So, it is not in ge list of devices on the amazon developer site. But, if I
ask the app for a list of open/closed sensors, she names garage door. Would
I still need to add it manually to the list of devices? I cut and pasted
the code through the IDE link and so I thought that was all automated…
plus the fact she can list them to me tells me she sees them… but maybe
I’m wrong. I’m a noob.

What you hear Alexa say is completely normal. The developer’s site is the ‘vocabulary’ for understanding you…It has nothing to do with what it says to you. There is probably a better explanation, but without putting the items in the developers slots, she simply won’t understand you. Having the device in the app, however, allows here to tell you what she knows…

Now, let’s troubleshoot WHY the litem doesn’t show up in your LIST_OF_DEVICES. Again, screenshots will help immensely here.

Let’s use my example of Garage Inner Door:

Here it is in the list of device (ignore the look of this page…it is changing for you in the next version as well)

And if you load up the JSON you should also have it in there:

There is NO automation yet for doing the slots, so you DO need to do them manually or through the JSON code. So in your developer’s slots you should see this:


Please share your screenshots and we can figure out where things are failing.

OK, I’ll get you screenshots but I’m trying to troubleshoot and spend the
Sunday with my kids – but first a simple question, where in the
instructions I followed (
http://thingsthataresmart.wiki/index.php?title=Ask_Alexa) is the
instructions for this step? Clearly, I missed it.